Welcome Home to Luxury Living

Space: Condominium at 93 Meyer Road (The MeyeRise) Renovation Cost: $60k Year of Completion: 2017 Renovation Period: 8 weeks Style: Modern Luxury Project By: Matrix Interior Step into this condominium, and be instantly blown away by the spectacular sight that greets guests upon entry. From its grand communal space to a master suite the likes of […]

Best Staycation Hotels In Singapore

TRENDY. AFFORDABLE. CONVENIENT. Looking for a mini getaway from work over the weekends? Finding a place to have a good bonding session with your best friends? Or simply want to spend some alone time with your other half? Well…. We got that covered for you! Check our these  5 hotels that guarantee a buzzing and […]

Minimalist Loft Design Ideas

MINIMALIST It is a word that is really buzzing these days. It’s a style that everyone is trying to pursue. Well, I’m not talking about clothes but interior design for homes! Today, we will be introducing different kinds of western loft designs that can be applicable for your own home! 1. Mysterious Black Black is […]