Bed Frames Styles And Ideas

Other than your classic bed frame of a simple backing and solid legs, there are so much more different and unique bed frames that you can choose. There is one for every vision you have for your home to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some different bed frame styles and ideas to get your creativity going.

Canopy Bed Frame

If you love the idea of having your own private space while in your bed, why not try a canopy bed frame? Canopy bed frames can either be left bare but are often found draped with flowing curtains to create your childhood princess bed.



Daybeds are perfect for a studio apartment or a small room that needs extra space at night for two. They can act as a couch during a day and a bed in the night. The bottom compartment can be either a pullout bed or a storage compartment to suit your needs.

Platform Bed Frame

Are you one of those who are sensitive to the metal bars underneath your mattress of a normal bed frame? Platform bed frames are built without legs and full contact on the floor instead. Your mattress will thus sit on a solid single piece as support, getting rid of those uncomfortable bumps at night.

Storage Bed

Similar to the platform bed, a storage bed has a solid, single piece of backing. However, underneath it is an entirely functional storage area for your needs. You can find a variety of storage beds suiting different needs such as those with pull out drawers for smaller items or a pull-up mattress for storing larger ones.

Hammock Bed

It’s time to fulfil your childhood dream of having a hammock in your room! Hammock beds are beds hung from the ceiling on ropes. They are said to help you sleep faster and better at night. And a bonus is that you won’t have to worry about infested mattresses!

Loft Bed

Need every inch of floor space you can get? A loft bed is a great choice for small apartments with relatively higher ceilings. It increases the floor space you can use and under the bed tends to be used as a study area.