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As a professional company specializing in air-conditioning services, Lemoncool sole focus is on providing excellent services for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems.

We provide Aircon services in Singapore, which include:

* All generic services,
* Chemical washing,
* Topping up chemical gas
* Aircon System Installation and many others

We also offer quotations and contracts regarding air-conditioner service in Singapore for:

* Companies,
* HDBs,
* Landed properties,
* Condominiums,
* Property Agents and Tenants.

Grossly overcharged, do not expect them to do anything if something goes wrong
1.0[ Design 1.00 | Workmanship 1.00 | Customer Service 1.00 | Value for Money 1.00 ]

Used Lemoncool for close to 2 years now. I just moved house to a new location and as usual, called them up to service my aircon in new place. The brand and aircon units in both homes are exactly the same. However, i was grossly overcharged in thr new place maybe because I was parked as a NEW customer. I called back Lemoncool and asked for a reasonable explaination of why i am bring charged such exobitant prices which were so different from my last bill (just 2 mths before in the previous address). I was given a holding statement, saying they would investigate and come back to me. I have not heard from them and all my calls to Lemoncool have been ignored / blocked since. This is a blatant rip off case. Instead of having good customer recovery, they rather block the customer who’s been victimized. With this recent experience, i would NOT recommand them to anyone. You will never know when you are going to be ripped off despite being a returning customer for years. Considering lodging this with CASE. This is the type of business behaviour that gives the industry a bad name.

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