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Victory Centre, 110 Lorong 23 Geylang 388410 SG

Whenever you require 2D layouts, 3D perspective drawings, material quotations or any relation to interior designing, NID Interior is the best partner to furnish answers to every doubt and queries, achieve your needs and every desire. We have a group of dedicated designers ready to help every homeowner achieve their dream home.

Thanks for making our house beautiful.
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

We would like to extend our thanks to Aellex Yeo from NID for making our home a pleasant place.

We moved into our new house and enjoyed it so much that very often we prefer to stay at home. We had a very short time to do a major renovation including major carpentry works, re-do the entire house electricity, marble gum flooring, parquet flooring… All these needed to be done within 2 and 1/2 weeks and right after Chinese New Year. Other contractors turned us down due to timing but Aellex Yeo took up the challenge and worked through it.

Every day I saw him getting himself extremely busy managing my project along with his other projects, often working till very late at night to discuss with us our progress to accommodate my schedule. Sometimes I felt bad to ping him in the evening but he was so cool about it.
I had thought we would need a lot of touch up because everyone was rushing for their tasks. But surprisingly we had very little defects, perhaps a few paintings touch up. The carpentry works were awesome, so as the rest. The flooring is stunning, everyone who visited our house said so.
Thanks Aellex for all the hard works and dedication. Your team are very good too. I saw everyone working diligently and had very good manners. I had no complaints from the neighbors at all.
Thanks for making our house beautiful. The pictures can’t tell it all due to my amateur photography skills


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Special shoutout for Randall
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

Special shoutout for Randall who recently led and completed our home renovation. He was recommended to us by a friend. Prior to meeting Randall, we had met a few other IDs from various firms and we are glad to have settled for Randall because he has exceeded our expectations in many ways. He takes pride in his work and has an eye for space planning. There were many details that we would have overlooked if not for his intervention.

From the first meetup with Randall, we were impressed by his efficiency. He managed to turnaround with a reasonable quotation and proposal using our floor plan and requirements within 1-2 days. He has a great wealth of knowledge about home renovation and gives honest, practical and cost-efficient advice.

Throughout the planning and renovation process, Randall was very proactive and responsive. His response rate is almost lightning speed and always offers good solutions whenever we faced uncertainties. He coordinated the renovation in an organized manner.

Upon completion, he kept checking back with us to make sure that we were satisfied. He also efficiently arranged for rectification of any defects or hiccups that we highlighted to him.

It was a pleasure working with Randall and we are satisfied with the end product. Would definitely recommend him to our friends!


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Their tips and advice made our space planning alot easier
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

In our search for an ID to build our home, my husband and I met 8 different IDs. We chose Randall Tan because he emerged the most trustworthy, responsible and patient.

We heard countless stories of irresponsible and pushy IDs who placed their interest and ideas before the needs and wants of homeowners.. we met a few who felt like they had hidden agendas too. Randall on the other hand gave very practical tips and recommended places where we can purchase items necessary for our home, at a steal.

I loved to have parts of the home reserved for me to work on personal DIY projects and he was very understanding about it. He didn’t insist on building things that we didnt want. With his experience, he desuaded us from designing things that were impractical. We loved how he gave us the freedom to build a space that suited our lifestyle and most importantly matched our budget.

Lastly, he goes all out to ensure that were are satisfied with his work. In such projects, there is bound to be problems like defects in carpentry, tiling, lighting and even painting. But i’m pleased to say that he never failed to handle these issues well. He keeps a close eye on his contractors and I could tell that they respected him alot too. On many occassions, Randall kept to his word and never disappointed us. We are blessed to be able to work with him

Now, we love our home so much, we stay in as much as we can! This would not have been possible without Randall’s help

Thank you so much!!

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Will recommend their services

I recently had my 4 RM resale flat renovated by Randall & Michelle from NID. I am pleased with the outcome of the renovation. Kudos to Randall for going beyond what is needed and Michelle for being so prompt to all my queries. My experience with this duo has been very pleasant with many positive surprises and value-added services.

It was money well-spent for a peace of mind. Will recommend their services.

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Thank you NID Design Studio and Vincent

From the start of acquiring my resale 4-Room flat keys, I started to look for suitable renovation packages to suit my tight budget. In the midst of scouting for suitable renovation companies, through magazines, roadshow and social media. My property agent, whom I dealt with, in securing my resale flat recommended to Vincent, from NID Design. Even before getting the keys to my flat, I went down to the showroom. From the beginning stage of conceptualising my design proposal and budgeting, my dealing with Vincent was very smooth. I had a very unique concept for my flat, i.e. Scandinavian-Moroccan, which was new to Vincent. In the following months ahead, Vincent brought me to get the fixtures such as lightings and sanitary peripherals, and tiles.

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Stress free Reno

Stress free Reno. Fantastic work done! Good pricing and even better advise from Aellex. I trusted Aellex completely as he gives honest opinions and gets you the best deals. He listens well and made my home just the way I imagined it to be. Before this I met 6 other IDs and their suggestions were all hard on my pocket but Aellex had many workarounds and many brilliant ideas to make my dream

Home real. Would recommend aellex to anyone who doesn’t want to be cheated. My family loves our home and all the guest have take his number down. I suggest you do as well! 8252 5636.

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Very attentive to my requests
4.5[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

It was quite a headache trying to decide on a good ID after hearing horror stories from my friends. Checked out many websites and asked around for recommendations, finally decided to engage Aellex after a few conversations with him. His sincerity and enthusiasm gave me confidence in entrusting the job to him.

Aellex is attentive to my needs and requirements. I just had to tell him the design concept I am looking at and he furnished me with exciting ideas and suggestions. The 3-D design layout was nice but the end product turned out even better than the drawings! He is very hands on and ensures the renovation progressed according to our agreed timeline.

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Superb services

I renovated my HDB 3 room resale flat with NID Design Studio.

Randall came recommended and I like the fact that he spent time communicating with me on my needs, my likings and most importantly my budget when we first touched base. When my ideas are not feasible, Randall does not hesitate to point out and I appreciate his frankness. At times when I do not understand what he is trying to convey, he makes a point to send me sample pictures and share his previous works. I am someone who is into details and there were occasions when Randall was busy and could not address my concerns immediately, but he followed up at a later time to discuss after having given some thoughts.

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Delighted at how my place turned out
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

So, almost a year ago I got the keys to my 2-room and started searching for a design firm to take on my small, but challenging project. Balinese Resort was the theme, but I had some weird ideas and elected the use of some unconventional materials, namely coconut husks, discarded wood blocks, bronze, and 4 guitars! Due to the nature of 2-room apartments, space constraint was naturally a problem, compounded by the fact that I wanted to incorporate a mini-studio for jamming sessions with my guitars. I was thus in the search for a decorator creative enough to put all these things into perspective, and bring my ideas to fruition at a realistic budget.

Shan’t go on about other firms whom I approached, they are not relevant here. Walked-in to Nid Design Studios one day, and despite the good reviews about some of their personnel, I wasn’t seeking anyone particular. Dressed looking for all the world like a member of some outlaw motorcycle gang, the folk there were understandably somewhat apprehensive about my intentions at first. But to his credit, Hafiz, one of the senior designers, approached me like any other customer and we breezed through the preliminaries like old friends. Talking to Hafiz, I found him personable, creative, and full of space / budget saving ideas. He is a good listener, makes good suggestions for things that I have in my head but can’t quite form a solid concept around. He also had prior experience in designing Balinese-themed residential and commercial projects. So we ended that session with a rough idea of how things would pan out and the promise of another session to finalise matters.

So, fast forward to renovation time and it was mostly smooth sailing except for an issue with the solid surface top. Being a slave to the grind, I couldn’t afford the time to oversee renovations during working hours, Hafiz stepped-up to the task admirably, liaising with several different contractors, and ensuring that the work was done to standard. Though he wasn’t on-site all the time (which quite honestly, is a ridiculous expectation), he was always on call to analyze and resolve problems, absconding from none. Once, when I was shopping for furniture, I was worried that my choices were either too large or too small to fit into the spaces planned for them. A buzz to Hafiz, who had all my measurements at his fingertips (my flat that is, not my vital statistics ah!), was enough to set my mind at ease. Together with the wonders of mobile communication, he managed to, from a remote location, measure and fit the dimensions of the furniture I wanted to buy, with the designated spaces in my flat. Gone was the need to run back and forth measuring walls and stuff!

Overall, I’m delighted at how my place turned out. Being quite the handyman, Hafiz’s hands-on approach extended well above the call of duty, taking-on jobs that AWOL, irresponsible contractors left hanging. Like fitting all my toilet accessories himself, touching up some paint work, changing my lights, and even modifying the bronze pendant lamp so that it’ll fit nicely at the entryway. This is after final payment had been made. He can be quite temperamental at times though, and is not exempt from taking offense at something one might have commented on, but the pros far outweigh the cons! Don’t be too tight with your purse-strings and he may even surprise you with a little gift or two, like the kitchen’s glass-backing, which was supposed to be of normal tempered glass, the ones with a little greenish tinge around the edges? At no extra charge, Hafiz upgraded it to a higher-end, low-iron glass that won’t show those nasty green edges. And he didn’t even tell me about it until I spotted the difference and asked!

After all is said and done, more will be said than done. That is a universal truth! But I’ve got my own little hideout now, done to my specifications, and rockin’ out with my mini-studio. As you can well imagine, I’m not great friends with the neighbours! Did we manage to stick to the budget? Errrrr…Nope! But that’s mostly my fault haha! Sure I blew the budget a little, but you know what they say about monkeys and peanuts doncha?!?

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