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Our Vision is “To become a leading, renowned and preferred home interior brand in Singapore and in Asia”, always forge ahead in latest design and sustainability trends and providing great careers for design professionals. Our Design Philosophy is simple: “to merge the latest in design and sustainability trends so we can help you realise the space that epitomises your character and taste”!

Amazing Work
5.0[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]
  • Grace Euodias reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

When I had to look for ID to renovate my house, I did not know who to choose but when I was been contacted by Silvia, Oxley Bizhub 2, I thot y not just settle for it after our first meeting.
She put in lots of effort to get the house done according to what I wanted and tried to make it work out.
She ensures that work are properly done and communicated with both her workers n us.
I am very pleased and amazed at the work she has done! Definitely one that I will recommend!

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Heartfelt appreciation to Lionel
4.8[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

We engaged the professional service of Lionel Tan, senior ID from Tradehub 21 for the reno of our condo. Lionel is a very responsible and responsive ID. He is also willing to listen to our views and give us his professional opinions n is not at all pushy. He has far exceeded our expectations and has kept everything within our budget. We had only been to our condo on the 1st day n the handover day as we trusted him n his team of contractors. True enough, we went home to what we called- our resort home!!
Heartfelt appreciation to Lionel.

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Problem-less renovation without worries.
4.8[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 5.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 5.00 ]

After a few consultant of different ID from different company. My family and I have decided on Weiken in the very first meet up.
As this is our first home and we have no idea where to start from till we met David Wah from Weiken Tradehub21.
With his super WOW experience of 20 over years in this industry, patience explaining to us in details and a wonderful suggestions.
Giving my family with problem-less renovation without worries.
We are grateful and extremely happy to work with David.
On behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for your kind patience and time. Giving us a warmly home to stay in.
David, Thank you so much!

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Impressive service ! Thank you Jenny !
4.3[ Design 5.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 4.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

We knew jenny Wang from tradehub 21 from one of my colleague. We wanted to find an ID who can propose designs within our budget and we felt that it is extremely important to have someone whom we could communicate and comfortable with. The initial meetings with jenny went well and we had good vibes about her. Jenny was easy to talk to, friendly, patient, responsive and professional .
We met up again for going through the quotation. She explained item by item and listed down for us in details even what hardware to use for the carpentry works, etc. We feel she is very sincere and reliable and can be trusted. Before signing contract with Jenny, we requested if she can arrange us to visit her job sites. She arranged 2 projects on her hand for us to view. We were highly satisfied with what jenny had delivered to her current home owners with the quality workmanship. We e even met one of the home owners. She also highly appraised Jenny for her hard working and professionalism. Then next day we immediately signed the contract with her.
The whole renovation lasts about 6 weeks. Jenny made everything highly organised. She helped us follow up with the HDB on the flooring screeding and listed down all the necessary items we need to buy before she started to do certain works. During the renovation, Jenny always respond our questions promptly. She keeps updating us on the progress. We dropped by our house occasionally and found she has arranged everything perfectly according to schedule . She also helped us coordinate with different groups of contractors like aircon, Electrial, Carpentry, etc.
We are so happy to engage jenny as our ID and she indeed impressed and helped us quite a lot. She is extremely hard working, very helpful andresponsible. Thank you jenny for your good work. Well done !

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A Job well done
4.3[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

We would strongly recommend jenny Wang from Weiken – Tradehub21 to all of the customers who is looking for a professional . Reliable and sincere . Responsible. Easy to communicate ID .
We knew jennys’ name Long time ago before we starting searching for an id and before we buy the house . My 2 friends home was done by her and both them highly recommended her and praised her for her excellent and professional services . So when we first met up with her . It seems like we knew each other Long time and we had a very pleasant conversation with jenny regarding our home renovation . We had good chemistry and me and my Husband decided to take her as our ID after we met her the first time and we never go to even look for the 2nd ID firm to compare the price . As we totally trusted her and we found she is very sincere and reliable .
Our project is a small project and initially we just want to re-do the partial part of the kitchen cabinet . But jenny prepare 2 options for us to consider and she suggested us if we redo the whole kitchen cabinet . It will be much better as the price didn’t have much difference. Plus we can make sure all the laminate in uniform and she advise we can do the glass backing for kitchen later even we move in . Cuz glass backing is not that urgent . We considered and took her advice .jenny is very patient and always give us the pro and non for doing one item . It saves us a lot of time and we are so happy for her to give us a lot of good suggestions . During the renovation for 3 weeks ,She has made full effort for us even our project is very small and she managed to arrange all the jobs well done .
In addition, Jenny was so kind to help us to absorb some additional costs incurred during the renovation process which we were very grateful . She is such a considerable ID and always want to offer us the best she can do .
Lastly, thank you jenny for creating the dream living environment for us within our Budget and most importantly. We moved in 2 weeks earlier than expected . I know it is how difficult for you to do this because current period the busiest time for you guys . Thank you jenny . We love our home very much and we sincerely thank you so much for what you have done for us . Take good care and good rest . You working too hard and I can feel your passion for the work you have done . Best wishes for you and your family.

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100% problem-free renovation
4.3[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

We choose jenny Wang from Weiken as our interior Designer. We picked jenny out of the other 3 interior designers because we felt she could communicate with us very well all the time from the beginning of our contact and it proved that our communication also works great throughout the whole process of the renovation .
Jenny was recommend by one one of our friends whose new BTO was designed by her and we also see a lot of good reviews from her customers.
We choose Jenny is also not only because her quotation price is very reasonable but also it is easy and detailed to understand. She help us to do some items during the renovation process for free for example the main door stick which HDB not provides. She prepared the shelves inside the electric cabin even we never consider as a good storage area in the beginning without further charging.
We have been considering for our renovation sytle for a long time and we amended the 3d modelling few times to see which design fits in our dream home the best . Jenny is very patient and she arranged us to go down different tile shop to see the tiles to fit in our concept . During the renovation, she planned the renovation schedule for us and inform us in advance what should be prepared for example the lighting and Plumbing to fit in the date she schedule for us. Jenny was very responsible and professional . She provided us with timely updates during the renovation process and she would let me know what had been completed in a particular week so that I knew what to look out for when i came over to check on the progress. Any query and question, she could come back the replies shortly which we appreciate and feel that very important.
After the whole renovation, we also did inspections together, this also made us satisfied. Jenny well defined those small flaws and areas to improve. And instead of I asking, she already advised many valuable suggestions and makes us no worry on future any maintenance works. We are confident to weiken’s after renovation service because of Jenny.
It was great to see what I have envision being brought to life and me and my family we like our new home very much . It was exactly the dream home we are expecting and thank you jenny so much for your effort to make it happen. You are such a responsible and nice id that we were so lucky to have . Best wishes for you and I will definitely recommend you to my friends which I have already started to recommend.

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Glad that we have chosen Weiken
4.3[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]
  • Gillian Jang reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

We engaged Vin Cenz from Weiken at Oxley as our ID for our 4-room BTO. He gave us wonderful suggestions and really designed based on our needs. We were lucky to bump into him during our random visit to Oxley because we are into minimalist designs and he was on the same page as us. We were impressed by his drawings as well. Besides, he was really patient and meticulous throughout the whole renovation journey. Though he seldom appears on-site, we could trust his site coordinator – Joe Chan (aka Ah Siong) to put his designs into real works. Lastly, the workmanship provided by weiken was really good and we are glad that we have chosen weiken.

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All thanks to Ryan
4.3[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

Weiken was not within our choice when we started our research to furnish our condo as I feel that they spent too much on A&P and it is just another neighbourhood design house.
We were approached by Ryan when we happen to pass by their IMM showroom. My initial feel was to move on but my wife insist on hearing what they can offer. And beats me, my wife is right!
Ryan listened to our request and came out with a draft which suit almost all our requirements. At that moment, I was still quite receptive.
The later meeting changed me as we can see Ryan’s effort in designing the concept, providing us with professional advice and most importantly, the design is practical and details are taken care off. The colour scheme that he matches for us were interesting and it flows with the settings.
He visited the site regularly to ensure that all details are taken care off. Hiccups do happen and he immediately proposed rectification and things are back to normal.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for giving us the home that we wanted and value added to other details that we missed out. The value that he provided us was above what we had paid for.

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Thank you Jeff for your fantastic job
4.0[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 4.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

Met up with Jeff from Weiken IMM. He is a fantastic listener and a good eye for details.
He will listen to what me and Wife expectations and came up with his design and render. It was much better than we have expected and most important to work within our Budget and timeline.
I actually have doubt in his capabilities but I was wrong. Jeff manage to see through our whole renovation and always available if we need to change certain designs and layout.
He is really professional in his job and I will have to give him Super five star scores for his time management and coordination with his team of contractors.
Is have been quite some time since I wrote a review but Jeff is worth the time for me.
Even after handing over the flat to us, he will constantly check with us whether everything is fine.
Weiken should be very happy to have such a superstar team member.
Thank you Jeff for your fantastic job. We love it and my Son also love everything you have done. Wish you a good new year ahead and definitely will recommend all my friends and family members to look up for you if they need professional assistance in their home.

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Immediate follow-ups after project completion
4.0[ Design 3.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 5.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]
  • Wilson Khaw reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

We would like to recommend Jeff Lee from Weiken IMM. He had previously handled our friend’s renovation with relatively good results. Initially, I was skeptical about his capabilities but he proved me otherwise.
Jeff was patient and attentive. He produced good designs for mid range pricing. He also advised us on the materials to ensure the project was within budget. He was also flexible in his work and willing to listen to our feedback from start till end. He also provided timely updates throughout the project.
Like most projects, there were some delays along the way. Jeff was able to pull in resources and make changes to the schedule so that the project can be completed within the committed timeline. Most importantly, he provided immediate follow-ups after project completion to ensure all outstanding issues were resolved even to the extent of doing it himself.
We are fortunate to have engaged his service and have a properly renovated home before CNY. Weiken is indeed blessed to have such a committed designer.

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Excellent service & coordination
4.0[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 4.00 | Customer Service 4.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

First-timer for our New HDB 4 rooms flat renovation. We did a lot of research and come across Johnathon Weiken@Oxley with a very positive reviews, so we decided to look for him for consultation.
First impression was good. A gentlemen with a smile and warming welcome. He explained to us which is suitable for us. We decided to pay for the interior design first and later confirm renovation with Weiken for quotation.
There are ups and downs of course I will mention the ups of his services for the down it is common to have from any interior design companies.
Jonathon provides :
1) Instant communication via Whatsapp
Weekdays or Weekends he will get back to our problems / questions quickly.
2) His busy with many other projects but follow up to resolve all our defects or issues.
3) If we are busy he will regularly visit the site to check progress and also updates us with latest photos of our house.
4) Patient and professional at his job without complaints and black faces.
Our home is a challenge as we are a small Korean family, we want a Korean designed theme just like how you saw it in Korea.
Overall our home looks unique and different thanks to Jonathon.

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Thanks Jayson !
3.8[ Design 4.00 | Workmanship 3.00 | Customer Service 4.00 | Value for Money 4.00 ]

I strongly recommend Jayson Poh from weiken @ Trade Hub 21.
I was about to sign an ID contract for my new EC with another company before I saw weiken’s TV advertisement. I dropped by weiken @ Trade Hub 21, simply wanting to get a quotation from them to compare. I was greeted with warmth by Jayson. Originally I thought their price should be much higher than other ID companies due to their expense on TV advertisement. To my surprise, the price was comparable with the quotations from other companies. And Jayson was able to keep the cost within my budget. Moreover, it came with a two-year warranty which gave me a feeling that the company is trustable. I decided to choose weiken on my first visit.
The renovation went smoothly. Jayson gave me professional advices on carpentry, electrical wiring, lighting, etc. All the works were done according to the contract. Small mistakes and imperfections did happen along the way, but Jayson was very responsible and willing to listen. He rectified the problems quickly and put things back to normal. He even rectified some minor issues after full payment and handover.
Overall I am very satisfied with the work done. Thanks, Jayson!

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Experience and Responsible ID
3.0[ Design 3.00 | Workmanship 3.00 | Customer Service 3.00 | Value for Money 3.00 ]
  • George Zhao reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

My home just completed renovation by Weiikin interior,
The renovation done was very nice and is to my satisfaction. An experienced and responsible ID handled my project so I did not need to worry about it and it was a really smooth experience. I feel that I have gotten good value for money although price is on the higher side compared to other companies outside. ID Jonathen Tan ?was responsive and catered to my needs as well as gave timely suggestions for my consideration. Will recommend to anyone seeking help with their renovation needs.

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3 time of rectifying and delay of 1 month,
2.0[ Design 2.00 | Workmanship 2.00 | Customer Service 2.00 | Value for Money 2.00 ]
  • Lynn Loh Siew Ling reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

It’s with delight when we first engaged Weiken given its reputation and is so looking forward to a delightful cozy house. BUT for the past 1 month, it has really gone off less than even meeting minimum expectation. The handover is delay, more than 100 rectification work are found and that involved almost all the items from and even cleaning is not done properly. The workmanship was not neat with extra holes, measurement wrong as per discuss and many cracks and dirt. Now after 3 time of rectifying and delay of 1 month, there’s still error. And worse, the reply from them is super slow and sometime dun even reply.. I really dunno how they can obtain a case trust…. what should I do? All I want is a proper house.

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Carpentry workmanship is lousy - quite a disappointment
2.0[ Design 2.00 | Workmanship 2.00 | Customer Service 2.00 | Value for Money 2.00 ]

We went to Midview City showroom and Gan Yin Jye attended to us. She has been very attentive to our requirements and is responsive and patient when going through the colours and materials selection process. Yin Jye is enthusiastic towards her profession, and is always punctual for site viewings / shopping for accessories. She is a talent in this field and we are grateful that she has done a good job in transforming our new home.

Although we are satisfied with Yin Jye’s working attitude so far, we cannot say the same for the quality of the renovation. The quality of the materials (eg. Cabinets) and carpentry workmanship is lousy – quite a disappointment. We have told Yin Jye to ask the workers to come to our new place for touching up. Yesterday was our first day of cleaning up – already discovered several flaws to the materials. Example – basin in master bedroom not constructed well, after a few usage, water leaked to the bottom cabinet.

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No follow up, never call back
1.0[ Design 1.00 | Workmanship 1.00 | Customer Service 1.00 | Value for Money 1.00 ]

Experienced and creative designers. However you lack customer service skills. We felt that you put yourself ahead of client. Met on Jun 16 and almost one month later we are still waiting for your quotation! No follow up, never call back despite we as customer chasing you. Too small of a project for you or no sincerity? Maybe we met your designer on one on her ‘bad’ days. Well done… to one the top performer listed here. We are so ‘delighted’ not to see you on your ‘bad’ days again.

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