Minimalist Loft Design Ideas


It is a word that is really buzzing these days. It’s a style that everyone is trying to pursue. Well, I’m not talking about clothes but interior design for homes!

Today, we will be introducing different kinds of western loft designs that can be applicable for your own home!

1. Mysterious Black

Black is not always a dull colour. By blending it with the right colours, your interior will be conspicuous. Black is actually a form of PERSONALITY.

2. Simple White

Simplicity is the ultimate beauty. Having white as the main colour for your interior makes you feel like you are in a winter wonderland.

3. Classic Wood Colour

Retro and art go hand in hand, creating a design that is stylish and timeless.

4. A Black and White Mix

Black and white is a classic match. It’s simple, modern and artistic. These are 2 colours that will never go wrong!