A Contemporary Design That Breathes Life Into The Entirety Of The Home

This newly renovated 3-room HDB flat by In2space not only has a beautiful contemporary design which flows and breathes life into the entirety of the home, but has also been matched equally with functionality and elegance. Notwithstanding the space constraints which come with newer BTO flats, Sabrina has managed to maximize every bit of space […]

Selecting the Right Window Curtains for Your Home

Many people find themselves tangled up with choices during this process while selecting their interior furnishing: The process of choosing curtains. There is an endless variety of curtains, ranging from full-on heavy drapes to light-weight, airy blinds. In this article, we will go through some tips on how to make the right selection of curtains […]

The beautiful Project Of Compassvale Walk

This HDB 5-room flat’s renovation had cost a total of eighty-thousand dollars, and every single cent had been worth the payment. The cost includes carpentry work, flooring, hacking, tiling works and painting. Installation of false ceilings, air-conditioning, electrical wiring and plumbing were included as well. The payment only did not include the cost of furniture, […]

The Many Ways To Use Your Versatile Kitchen Island

Credit: Tan Studio Kitchen islands are important add-ons for home cooks or chefs who value preparing meals efficiently. It can be accessed from multiple angles; a feature that other countertops can’t claim to offer. This raises its value as something essential to the modern kitchen design. True enough, some small homes have begun using just […]

A Beautiful 3-Room Apartment at the Heart of Ang Mo Kio

This 3 room flat situated in the well-planned area of Ang Mo Kio. It’s an excellent space for newlyweds, couples, or singles who have no children yet. It’s designed by In2Space to specifically create the essence of a devil-may-care outlook of people who live by their own rules. It’s an open design that makes it […]