Finally got a place of your own to call “Home”. What’s next?

Research! Research & more research! Learn to know what are the themes available and what kind of theme you love to have for your place. Lookbook, magazines, guides, interior designers past work, take your time to look through the various themes that they have. Learn what’s the style you like, here’s a quick overlook of […]

6 ways to use Dividers in your home

When we decorate our homes, we often get swept up into the details of the walls, carpets, decorations, and accent pieces. In fact, very few of us pay attention to this exceedingly useful, yet seldom used element of your home: room dividers. The truth is, these pieces can be used in a variety of ways, […]

The Perfect Bachelor Pad

The perfect bachelor pad can come in many forms, from elaborate and fancy decorations, to just a simple yet sophisticated look. While this home may be a bachelor pad, it does not lack any of the warmth or familiarity of a comfortable and relaxing home. While the space in this apartment may be small, it […]

Ideas For Your Kids Room

With most homeowners deciding to have a more neutral colour theme for their kids where it will be more toddler to teen-friendly phrases, you can opt for this timeless colours of black, white with hints of grey on the wall. Adding some fun for your toddler will be hints of variants colours with yellow stools, […]

Glitz & Glam

Decked out in glitz and glam, this modern contemporary style apartment is the envy of cosmopolitan living. The analogous colour palette for this home fits a muted sophistication with its warm earthy tones and complementing gentle lighting features. The dining space in this apartment maintains a high level of polish and grandiose. With an eye-catching […]

Veneer or Laminate? Which Is More Suitable For You?

Veneer and Laminate are mainly used as a decorative surface, which provides the finishing touch for your interior design. However, both have different kinds of properties, lifespan, etc. Here we are going to compare both, to provide you with a clearer idea. Material A veneer is a thin slice of wood which is obtained from […]

Natural Existence In A Modern Home

Built like an oasis in a cosmopolitan jungle, this home ushers in the fine elements of a natural existence in the comfort of a modern home. The kitchen has been upsized and designed to be wide and spacious with plentiful built-in space for cabinets and drawers, you won’t have a problem finding storage space here. […]

Nursery Ideas For Young Families

Parents are always giving their unconditional love for their kids and their bedroom will be no exception. Therefore, even before the baby arrives, most parents have already started on the nursery outlook in their imagination. As there is much to consider for a nursery, such as storage for baby clothes, shoes, necessities, dedicated nursing areas, […]

All you need to know about laminates

If you have been shopping for furniture or about to start renovating your own place, you might have come across it at some point in time. They are available in a range of colours, textures, and patterns, being the surface of most furniture items. What are Laminates and How are they being made? Laminates are […]