Finally got a place of your own to call “Home”. What’s next?

Research! Research & more research! Learn to know what are the themes available and what kind of theme you love to have for your place. Lookbook, magazines, guides, interior designers past work, take your time to look through the various themes that they have. Learn what’s the style you like, here’s a quick overlook of […]

Warm & Fuzzy Abode

What’s a home if not something that brings out that warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort surrounded by the things that you love. With that thought in mind, what better way to put your own stamp on your home than to keep yourself surrounded by the things you love. While you can always go with […]

7 Tips to Create, & Maximise your Space-Constraint Home

Bench Space! A little touch for your daily in & out. Providing you with the space where you can comfortably put on your shoes before heading out or a small space for you to take a breath to relax prior reaching your comfort zone. Meanwhile, under the bench, it can host your daily wears and […]

5 ways to give an illusion of a larger space

Which of us have not secretly wished for a larger space in our homes? Indeed, it does get difficult to cram all of one’s worldly possessions into a space of 95 square metres (Singapore’s average house size). While it may not always be easy or affordable to buy a bigger space, that does not mean […]

Ways to Define Your Living and Dining space

Having a shared living and dining space is becoming the norm for homes these days. With smaller floor space, and a shift towards modern contemporary styling. The advent of shared living and dining space not only eases the space issues in smaller apartments, but it also gives the home a trendy and fashionable look. But […]

Mid-Autumn Magic: Events in Singapore, September 2019

September is always a time of magic in Singapore, as our annual Mid-Autumn festival comes around once more. Over the years, the Festival has become a beautiful tradition in Singapore, and many families commemorate this event by spending time with their loved ones, hanging paper lanterns, eating delicious mooncakes, and retelling the popular Chinese legend […]

8 Fun Events for Your Kids During the September Holidays

With the week-long September holidays just around the corner, many of you parents may be starting your search for some exciting activities that can both entertain and educate your little ones while they are home from school. Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of special events and activities that are sure to fill […]