Funky Bathroom Design Inspirations

Credit: Design 4 Space While living rooms and kitchens are often designed to accommodate the tastes of a variety of houseguests, homeowners usually take more liberty on designing their bathrooms. From funky toilet paper dispensers to toilet seat decals, there are a slew of different methods for making bathrooms quirky and fun. Bathroom tiles The […]

Why We Should Pay More Attention To Lighting

Credits: Plush Interior Design Lighting is an often overlooked feature of the house. This is a shame because it plays such an important role in making it into a home. It subtly inculcates character to the room by the adjusting the ambience in an almost instantaneous way. The bright living room for entertaining guests, for […]

Make Your Kitchen Your Own With These Simple Tips

Credit: In2space Interior Some contractors make generic kitchen designs that don’t really suit the homeowner’s needs or wants. It’s not a knock on their work because some generic kitchens are beautiful but they’re not tailor fitted for its end-users. If you’re undergoing a renovation, or are thinking of renovating, here are some tips how to […]

Childproofing Your Home (Budget-Friendly)

Having children is certainly a blessing, but taking care of the young ones and raising them without preparation can be quite disastrous. Children are immensely curious about their surroundings (especially toddlers!), and almost nothing can seem to stop them from lumbering around to explore their new-found world. Child-proofing your house is definitely the way to […]

Punggol: The Precinct of Man and Nature

Punggol is the epitome of transformation and adaptation. The neighborhood has been evolving from a rustic fishing village to beautifully modernized vicinity, which captures Singapore’s reputation as a first-world country. You may say, “But Punggol is so far away from town, and it sounds boring.” Little to majority’s knowledge, Punggol is one of the few […]