Futuristic meets modern Scandinavian – TKNY Interior

Futuristic meets modern Scandinavian in this eclectic fusion of the two different styles. With sleek, post-modern designs, and a style heavily influenced by Scandinavian minimalism, the home carries a sense of familiarity coupled with non-conventional designs and motifs. Spaciousness has been the emphasis of this living room. With higher ceilings and a larger walking space, […]

Dark Palette w Muted Tones by Aestherior

With a darker palette and a muted tone, this home in Buangkok is fashionable, combining some of the most successful aspects of contemporary living with industrial flair. The living room uses the colours of mahogany brown with neutral grays and whites to create a cosmopolitan styled industrial inspired design. The asymmetry of the front wall […]

Sleek and polished abode by Urban Design House

Designer: Urban Design House Sleek and polished, this timeless design captures the best of modern design while living in a comfortable space. While this home may not draw inspiration from any “one” style or inspiration, the lack of any overt arching theme allows it to have a timeless look, perfect for homeowners who want a […]

Coming home to a welcome respite of rest and relaxation by SHE Interior

Designer: SHE Interior What’s better than leaving work and coming home to a welcome respite of rest and relaxation. An entire day at the office can be extremely mentally draining, after hours on end of hacking away at all your work. That’s why, the inspiration for this home was to create a façade that immediately […]

The 3 Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

Deciding on the flooring for your kitchen can become such a headache. With a huge variety of options available, and many different factors to consider when deciding on what to do with, you could easily find yourself paralyzed with information. Factoring in cost, style, durability and functionality, it can quickly convolute the process. Well to […]

An Industrial Styled Home With Bold Details

Designer: In2space ID Group Industrial styled interiors are all the rage now. From cafes, to offices to even homes, the industrial look has a particular draw that has allowed it to re-emerge as a popular up and coming design in the modern look. In2space has successfully employed this trend into their latest project, making bold […]