Cement Screed: Ingenious or Insufferable?

What kind of flooring should you choose for their new home? This is one big question that many homeowners face while renovating their house – Should it be tiles, wooden flooring, or marble? Or should they go for the more adventurous options – such as concrete…or cement screed flooring? Cement screed has gradually gained popularity […]

Dark Or Light Themed Interiors: Which One Speaks To You Most?

Dark-themed interiors are all the rage these days. They give an aura of sophistication and class that light interiors fail to fully harness. However, light-themed interiors are prevalent in smaller homes for a reason. They give the illusion of space that dark-themed homes just struggle with. Both with their pros and cons, let’s explore the […]

The Many Ways To Use Your Versatile Kitchen Island

Credit: Tan Studio Kitchen islands are important add-ons for home cooks or chefs who value preparing meals efficiently. It can be accessed from multiple angles; a feature that other countertops can’t claim to offer. This raises its value as something essential to the modern kitchen design. True enough, some small homes have begun using just […]

A Beautiful 3-Room Apartment at the Heart of Ang Mo Kio

This 3 room flat situated in the well-planned area of Ang Mo Kio. It’s an excellent space for newlyweds, couples, or singles who have no children yet. It’s designed by In2Space to specifically create the essence of a devil-may-care outlook of people who live by their own rules. It’s an open design that makes it […]

Funky Bathroom Design Inspirations

Credit: Design 4 Space While living rooms and kitchens are often designed to accommodate the tastes of a variety of houseguests, homeowners usually take more liberty on designing their bathrooms. From funky toilet paper dispensers to toilet seat decals, there are a slew of different methods for making bathrooms quirky and fun. Bathroom tiles The […]