Finally got a place of your own to call “Home”. What’s next?

Research! Research & more research! Learn to know what are the themes available and what kind of theme you love to have for your place. Lookbook, magazines, guides, interior designers past work, take your time to look through the various themes that they have. Learn what’s the style you like, here’s a quick overlook of […]

Choosing The Perfect Type Of Flooring For Your Home

Article - home flooring

Designing any home is bound to be a tough process, but choosing the type of flooring that goes in your home can be especially tricky! You see, every type of flooring is unique, with its own set of pros and cons. And since you’ll probably have to live with each choice for a long time, […]

Kitchen Peninsula Ideas For Small Homes

The two spaces that are often at the forefront of home renovation projects are the kitchen and bathroom. But today, we are looking exclusively at the kitchen. While many homeowners are raving about having an island in their happy place (happy because there is always food in the kitchen), you should not forget other options, […]

Welcome to Geo-Urban Paradise

A balance between modern and traditional, bulky and compact, urban and organic, this home at 120, Pasir Ris St 11, designed by Todz’Terior, exhibits both sides of the divide. We don’t often get to take a peek into two-storey landed properties in Singapore, therefore, this visit is one you must take. It explores textures, colours, […]

Comprehensive Singapore Renovation Guide 2021

Comprehensive Renovation Guide 2021 Welcome to your all-in-one complete guide to renovating. Whether you’re looking at a new BTO, a resale flat, condominium or even a landed property, this guide will cover the broad principles of what you should look out for and what you can expect when renovating. The entire process of renovating can […]

Why Are HDB Resale Prices Soaring in 2021?

Securing a home in Singapore has always been notoriously difficult. When coupled with a dense population, land scarcity results in a distressing situation that many Singaporeans face – especially the younger homebuyers. Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats are public housing units that are a dime a dozen in Singapore. They make up most neighbourhoods […]