Finally got a place of your own to call “Home”. What’s next?

Research! Research & more research! Learn to know what are the themes available and what kind of theme you love to have for your place. Lookbook, magazines, guides, interior designers past work, take your time to look through the various themes that they have. Learn what’s the style you like, here’s a quick overlook of […]

Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Renodots article- Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Let’s do a quick one-question quiz – What increases productivity in the kitchen? Many of you would say kitchen appliances, of course! While we love our air fryers, bread makers, waffle makers and (ahem) garlic mincers, there is one design that contributes to productivity in the kitchen – the kitchen triangle! What is a kitchen […]

Creating A Calm, Bright and Airy HDB Home

Renodots article- Creating A Calm, Bright and Airy HDB Home

If you’ve been house hunting and looking at interior designs, we are sure you have taken a fancy for a type of design, even if you don’t know exactly what you want. We at Renodots want to help you on your journey on discovering what it is you want for your home. If you want […]

Creating a Warm and Fuzzy Ambience in this Abode

What’s a home if not something that brings out that warm and fuzzy ambience of comfort surrounded by the things that you love. With that thought in mind, what better way to put your own stamp on your home than to keep yourself surrounded by the things you love. While you can always go with […]

Living Room Inspirations 2021

Who knew we would be living in our living rooms more than we’ve ever done in the last year? The reason we are feeling this itch to redecorate or reconstruct the place is because we are utilising it differently than before. What are some living room inspirations for the year 2021? Living Room Inspiration – […]

Chic Oriental Items You Might Want to Introduce to Your Home

If you have watched Crazy Rich Asians, a blockbuster comedy film that got 62 nominations and 12 wins in 2018, you’d notice the lavish mansion owned by the Young ancestral family. It was very expensive with chic oriental items. The people behind the creation of this rich atmosphere was production designer, Nelson Coates and interior […]

Top 5 Pop Up Toasters in Singapore

Renodots article- Top 5 Pop Up Toasters in Singapore

Pop Up Toaster is currently our WFH (work-from-home) best friend! In every Singaporean household, there should be a toaster. When I was younger, my parents would create our own kopitiam in the kitchen because we needed our daily dose of kaya and butter toast. Now that most of us are working from home thanks to […]

Singapore Renovations: Expected Costs and Durations For Home Renovation in 2021

Doing a home remodel is a huge decision, but it can also be a step towards getting the dream home you envision for yourself. If you’re thinking about renovating your new or resale HDB flat or condominium and is wondering what are the cost and duration for your home renovation, then this article is for […]

Know More About Kitchen Sink Faucets

Renodots article- Know More About Kitchen Sink Faucets

Every time homeowners talk about kitchen renovations the focus is often on kitchen cabinets and kitchen tops. No one really discusses kitchen sink faucets in detail when reviewing kitchen renovation ideas. But, we are going to put it on the table today, because if we all do some kind of watching at the kitchen sink, […]

Kitchen Trends That Stay

Kitchens are places where you whip up your meals each day so making sure that its interiors are bright and airy, and going the extra mile to make it user friendly is absolutely sensible. But you want to revamp it with designs that stay. Afterall, renovating can cost big bucks. What are some evergreen kitchen […]