10 interesting home items that you can buy from Lazada

Shopping on Lazada is like shopping in a fairytale marketplace where the merchants are into all sorts of crafts and magic. A handful of the home items sold there are quite unconventional, but are quite brilliant. We are sharing our top 10 interesting and useful home items that you can buy on Lazada.

#1 Faux marble wallpaper ($11.30 per roll)

Faux marble wallpaper
Image source: Lazada

Marble countertops are gorgeous. They look classy, and can turn the vibe of any space from boring to contemporary. Thankfully, this marble adhesive wallpaper is a solution that’s at least ten times cheaper than installing an actual marble countertop. These adhesives also protect your counter from stains, cuts and moisture. How brilliant!

#2 Folding table ($61)

Folding table
Image source: Lazada

Where there is a lack of space in the HDB flat, the dining table is usually the culprit. We stumbled upon a collapsible dining table set. When it’s time for a meal, simply fold up one or both sides. Once you’re done, fold it back down, put away the chairs, and watch the table turn into an accent table for displaying your decor and vases. Did you also spot that drawer for extra storage?

#3 Decorative wall storage racks (from $8.50)

Decorative wall storage racks
Image source: Lazada

That blank wall in the bedroom can be spruced up with these adorable metal racks. Of course, these are only made to withhold lighter items. There are three designs by the seller: hexagons, clouds, and circles. Prices differ for each design. As for colour, you should coordinate it with the colour scheme of your room, because these metal racks come in gold, white and black.

#4 Induction Heating Rice Cooker by XiaoMi ($159)

Induction heating rice cooker by xiaomi
Image source: Lazada

Rice lovers will go mad for this XiaoMi product launched in 2016. This non-stick, induction heated rice cooker is the epitome of smart home appliances. It is controlled by the Mi Home app downloadable on your phone, so you can tell it to cook rice, make stew, or bake cakes whenever you please. You can even scan a barcode of a bag of rice and it’ll decide how best to cook it! Read a more in-depth review by Alan Soon on his blog.

#5 Mini portable blender ($12)

Mini portable blender
Image source: Lazada

Readily blend a quick fruit or vegetable juice to kickstart your morning, and pack the entire blender in your car. It’s not like it’s that bulky…

This mini blender makes the right portion of juice for one person, and you can drink it from the same blender! You can even blend it on camping trips, since it is USB-rechargeable and doesn’t need to be plugged into a power source. High rotating speed and six stainless steel blades for only $12? We think it’s quite a steal!

#6 Bluetooth karaoke set ($56.50)

bluetooth karaoke set

Image source: Lazada

You’re not wrong – that is a pair of owl eyes staring at you. Don’t be fooled though, they carry your vocals loud and clear. Since public karaoke centres are risky according to the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker SOPs, it’s probably best to host your own karaoke party at home. You only need two microphones, a 3D stereo surround sound speaker, and a group of kaki to join. Just connect your phone to the speakers via Bluetooth and play your Spotify and YouTube hits.

#7 Electric mop ($14.90)

electric mop
Image source: Lazada

This is quite likely the most brilliant cleaning product I’ve seen in a while. Highly convenient, it boasts the ability to clean wet and dry rubbish, removing fallen hair (any girl’s relentless enemy), dust mite dander, and greasy spots. A water spray aids in cleaning up the floor surface, leaving nothing behind. Plus, this mop also turns 360 degrees to reach the tight areas under the couch, behind the bed, and in all the small recesses that a regular mop wouldn’t reach. This is genius!

#8 Showerhead with filter beads ($7.80)

showerhead with filter beads
Image source: Lazada

You must be wondering if those are real beads, and what on earth they’re doing in a showerhead. These beads are usually made from maifan stone and tourmaline stone which filter out chlorine and chemicals in the water. They also have antibacterial properties. Very interesting! While some of the Lazada customer reviews complain that the beads tend to disrupt water flow, some say they love that the showerhead makes the water pressure gentler and softer.

#9 Kids’ study table ($199)

kid's study table
Image source: Lazada

Children need a designated learning space where they can read, write, draw, and play. This study table set grows with your child, as its height is adjustable. It also comes with a drawer and a shelf. There is also an LED lamp attached to the table that tells you the time with a digital clock! This is probably the most advanced study table we’ve seen – kids these days are so lucky. Read the description for more in-depth measurements of the table and chair.

#10 Kids’ wardrobe set ($227)

kid's wardrobe set
Image source: Lazada

When I see children’s furniture like these ones, it makes me so excited to have my own kids. They’re going to learn how to pick their own clothes, hang them up, fold them, and organize their belongings independently. This kids’ wardrobe set is made from non-toxic material and is designed for durability and safety. Multiple designs and wardrobe styles are at your disposal, so go ahead and browse the catalogue!

Lazada has become a go-to solution for shopping from the comforts of our homes. It is, after all, a safer option since Covid-19 has made it risky to enter shopping malls. An advantage of this, though, is that we can just scroll through Lazada’s wide range of very interesting home products.

Black Friday is just over but the 12.12 sale is coming up. Would you get these very interesting home items? For more inspiration for your home click here!

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