10 Types of Interior Styles for 2020 – Home Renovation Ideas

The 2010’s are coming to an end soon and a new decade is about to be upon us. This has been a rather inspiring decade in terms of interior design options, we’ve seen a resurgence of older looks and the rise of newer and bolder splashes.

From industrial, to modern to some of the more infallible designs, there’s been a huge spread in what’s in and what’s out in this industry.

With a new year, and a new stretch ahead of us, we’ve put together some of the most defining looks which this decade is ending on which we expect to continue into the next decade.


The cosmopolitan design isn’t just about the shades and colours employed here, but also the use of space. With a shrinking floor space, this interior design sequence has the soft touch of maximizing the space you have to work with.

Sporting professional looking colours, the common trend within this genre is that the homes would have a more neutral palette to them. Whether its on the bright side, or on the lighter end of the spectrum, the colours rarely include surprise blotches of colour.

On the other aspect of this design, the side effect of this style is the creation of additional space in the home. Since the style trends towards bigger and more open homes, you tend to get a mix of different spaces, from the kitchen to the dining to the living space.

You’ll often find a lack of clear definition between these areas and the home blends together harmoniously.


A trend that has had a huge resurgence in the last couple of years has to be the industrial look. Fitting in with the cosmopolitan look, this trend favours the use of darker tones and a simpler palette.

Its no surprise that it gained such popularity in this day and age as well given the advent of realistic wooden vinyl. The addition of ‘natural’ looking grains and textures to the home makes this style kind of like the modern farmhouse look, where lots of bare and laminated wood is exposed to create that feeling of warmth.

In addition, the mix of different stones and textures also lets the home appear even more intriguing. The addition of different textures gives the home a stronger character as it gives even more details in the common areas.


While Scandinavian styles have been in the works since the advent of Ikea, there’re always ways to update and modernise this timeless classic. With a focus on minimalist style of decorating, the idea is to keep the home clear and neat, while still bringing in some natural wood accents to enhance the home.

This concept was derived to help with the seasons across the Scandinavian region, making sure that the design of the home was well suited throughout the year.

Wood grains are an important part of the design. With long and bare winters, its often very cold both physically and metaphorically. Hence, having some of these natural textures and pieces in the home helped to give it a sense of cosiness through the season.


This European inspired design is probably one of the most outstanding pieces we’ve seen this year. With the panelled walls and chandelier like ceiling lamp, the design of the home pays tribute to some of the most romantic periods of modern Europe.

Glistening in brass, the regal appearance of the home gives it another level of grandeur and splendour as the Victorian style here is enhanced.

Even the bathroom here looks as sophisticated as the rest of them home. The rarity of such a design makes this even more interesting and unique.

Beach Vibes

With the beach front living style, you’ll always feel as though you’re on a get-away.

beach interior style by ovon design

With the mix of styles here, the furnishing options give the home a very relaxed vibe to it. With a laid back look completed with rattan chairs and a light beige colour palette, the home has a comfy and casual look, perfect for that beach like appearance.

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