21st Century Strait Settlement – A Peranakan Interior Design

Peranakan interior design is unique to Penang, Malacca and Singapore, also known as the Straits Settlements during the British colonial era. It consists of a combination of cultures with an infusion of local designs with Feng Shui elements and, in many aspects, the use of European materials. It is possible because these settlements served as ports between the East and West during the 15th century.

The birth of this culture produced a culturally rich division of interior design, mixing timber elements with colourful geometric art. Today, it is not only present in pre-war houses but also in the home.

Check out how Prestige Design Studio turned 45 Amber Road into a distinctive Peranakan home that is cosy and modern.

prestige design studio - living room 1

Wainscoting, but Southeast Asian style is highlighted in this living room. Ribbed timber panels imitate the natural and Asian resemblance in Peranakan homes. It is then enhanced by touches of colourful Peranakan designs that spark contrast against the gum coloured ribbed panel walls.

prestige design studio - living room 2

Peranakan designs are very colourful and texture-rich. If you intend to introduce it to a small home, it can prove overwhelming.

However, never shy away from fusing two types of design themes.

Here you can see how 15th-century old designs pair flawlessly with 21st-century contemporary furnishings.

prestige design studio - dining room 1

When there are richly coloured ornamentals to display, keep the walls bare, so there are not too many items vying for attention.

prestige design studio - bedroom 1

There is always a wooden panel somewhere in an oriental room. Here, we see a gorgeous horizontal lattice wood panel that dispels darkness, thanks to the light diffusing through the crafted panel.

prestige design studio - bedroom 2

The wall behind the headboard is a built-in panel that allows for electrical wires to run behind it, enabling additional sockets to be placed above the bedside table, similar to that of hotels.

prestige design studio - bedroom 3

Bedsheets may change but be sure the bed is always dressed impeccably. Who knew polka dots could work so well with vibrant two-dimensional motifs?

prestige design studio - bedroom 4

A selected interior design theme does not mean you’ll have to stamp that cookie-cutter design to all rooms. Some family members (like your children) may not fancy your design direction.

In this room, we see a contemporary minimalist design that incorporates neutral colours. This way, the additional colour splash introduced through colourful children’s toys will not cause a giddying atmosphere.

prestige design studio - bedroom 5

Incorporating furniture to do double duty is the perfect way to save space.

The built-in bed comes with a shelving unit above the headboard to the ceiling and more drawers underneath the bed. Toys, books and stationeries – they all have a designated location!

prestige design studio - living room 3

Since we glazed through the Peranakan details quite quickly at the top, here is a closer look at the colours and motifs present on the dainty pink porcelain chair and overlapping panel of the television console.

prestige design studio - living room 4

Peranakan art is distinguished by its contrasting colour palette. Often depicting nature, it is a stark difference to its counterparts in mainland China as the Peranakan culture is a fusion between Malay, Chinese and often, western influences.

Here, we see art painted in primary colours that contrast so well with the dark rigged wood panel.

Peranakan houses are made to stand out among the rest. If you’ve walked along pre-war houses and seen the printed tiles on the five-foot walkway or grooved tiles along the porch wall, that is a Peranakan home.

The tile motifs are usually surrounded by geometric shapes with oriental designs depicting nature in the middle.

Porcelain cups, sauces and other crockery in the Peranakan style also share similar motifs. Because they are so precious, they are used as ornamental pieces.

Do you love the Peranakan interior design of this home crafted by Prestige Design Studio? We believe that a home that reflects heritage is a great way to celebrate where you come from. Are you a Baba or Nyonya? Then maybe you’d like to pay tribute to your heritage by adding Peranakan touches like what was done in this unit.

Alternatively, you can also look into ways to enhance your roots in your home. We’ve got interior design experts here at Renodots. Chat with them and tell them your ideas before getting your home transformed!

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