3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pets Happy & Your Home Tidy

Pets are one of the best stress relievers after a tiring workday. But, we often neglect their needs due to some more pressing requirements. So, ensuring that they can have as much fun inside your home on days when can’t take them out for a walk is an investment in their happiness and in preventing them from lashing out on your furniture.

To help you make this a reality, here are some tips to make your home pet-friendly and pet-proof.

Choosing your furniture wisely

Materials used on your furniture might look like teething toys for your pets. Rattan, for example, is especially enticing for dogs to chew on so you might want to think twice before paying for that beautiful rattan sofa if you have pets. For parts of your furniture that are accessible to your pets, try to stick with a metal or chrome finish.

Some fabrics efficiently collect both dust and your pet’s hair. Sometimes it even sticks to it like it’s being magnetized. And, don’t forget about those claws that tend to easily cut through fabrics. Choosing pet-friendly upholstery for your furniture would save you a lot of time cleaning up after your pets. Leather is a great choice for pet owners as it doesn’t magnetize fur and is durable enough to withstand claws. Also, consider getting a color that is close to your pet’s fur so that if they shed on it, it’s not easily noticeable.

Floors and walls need to be pet proof

Unless you have floating pets, then they’re probably running around on your floor all day long. So, if you have dogs or cats, it’s extremely important to choose floors that are pet proof. Instead of wooden floors consider laminates and ceramics. It doesn’t retain heat well it is also a great way to keep cool on hot summers.

Additionally, claws, even if trimmed, tend to scratch up the floor when our pets run around. Ceramics, vinyl, and laminates do not scratch up as easily as wooden floors so consider opting for those when choosing your floor. If you’re set on those wooden floors, though, go for hardwoods like mahogany.

The same concept applies to walls, choosing easy to clean types of paints such as satin or semi-gloss paint can save you a lot of both time and money in the long-run.

Ensure that they have plenty of space

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your pets is to ensure that they have enough space to run around in your house. They are naturally playful creatures and are happiest when they can have unrestricted playtime. It’s advisable that they are given time at the park where they can roll around and play on the grass. But, when you’re too busy to do that, having a large enough space for your dog to run around is completely fine in tiring them. Roll a ball on your floor where there is no delicate furniture and you’re golden.

Also, consider getting an indoor grass patch for them to either roll around or for potty training purposes. These are inexpensive solutions that could mean a world of difference to your beloved pets.