3-Room Resale Flat Renovations to Inspire Your Home Makeover

October 26th 2020

No matter how much time and dedication we put into designing our home, there comes a time when we feel the itch to redesign; it may be replacing worn furniture, creating an accent wall, or adding creative lighting to spruce up the place just a little bit. For others, they might find that their tastes have changed. This ‘change of heart’ may inspire them to re-renovate the home, so that they feel at home, in their home! Today, we want to hit the refresh button and look at three different 3-room resale flat renovations that have gone through a re-renovation, so much so that it looks like a brand new apartment altogether.

3 Room Resale - Eclectic Blue

Most people today celebrate minimalism and contemporary designs, but if you are more artistically expressive, take a dive in the opposite direction. It is always a breath of fresh air to see a different take on a home design that does not feature only neutrals.

If you like to live a little dangerously (in the metaphorical sense), draw inspiration from this 3 room resale flat located at Block 133. This 93 square-metre home renovation by Fifth Avenue Interior Design costs $28,000.


In functional disarray, this modern home breaks all the rules. From black ceilings (most would avoid it as it makes the ceiling look lower), bathroom tiled walls, and an almost bare console, the living room still looks harmonious. The different colours, textures, and lighting is the outcome of creative and functional planning.


Quirky and bare, this sink and mirror call forth minimalism, but on second look, it looks like a creative makeshift of random items, coming together to create a functional basin area.


Want to hang out in a space with a cool, hipster ambiance but don’t want to spend money hopping around cafes in town? We say create your own space. Tiled walls with a matching coffee table and an artistic vase (upcycle if you need to), even the lonely Monstera cutting is happy to be chilling here.


The same white tiled walls are repeated here, but the cabinet doors steal the show at the kitchen area. Vibrant hues of orange and blue make the area spunky and somewhat playful. You’d be more keen to experiment with your food in such a vibing space.


Play a game of mix and match, but never be shy to express yourself in your own space.

3 room resale - Back to Ori Oriental

Back to the roots, back to the motherland.

If you love traditional Chinese designs, this gorgeous home located at the heart of Tiong Bahru is one you need to check out. Owned by a Chinese antique aficionado, it is only natural that he uses his wide array of collections to decorate this newly transformed 3-room resale HDB.

Along with The Interior Lab Pte Ltd, they have created a harmonious patchwork of modern functional features with traditional interior elements. To do up this 65-metre square area, it cost $55,000.


In this image alone, you’ll identify several furniture wooden pieces that are perfectly lacquered - traditional Chinese interior design is typically characterised by it. From the doors, sofa frames, and room divider.


The entryway into the home, past the dining area, is also adorned by lacquered wooden furniture of the same hue. Nature also plays a vital role in oriental designs. You’ll often see art pieces displaying the beauty of flowers. Even Chinese ceramic vases tell tales of nature on its body.


The best view can sometimes be on the inside. Here, put together with a joyful array of flowering foliage is a mid-Qing Dynasty drawer


Bedroom designs are best kept to a minimum. A place of rest, the room is bathed in neutrals, with linens to match the curtain and cupboard. The only furnishing that resembles the oriental assemble in the other rooms is the Ming chair placed close to the windowsill.

3 room resale - May the Force be With Your Home

Are you a movie buff? Or maybe you prefer to be living in the fantasy world instead of the real world because life just seems better that way. Guess what, you can!

We took a peek into this 3-room resale HDB at Dorset Road, and the geek in us fell in love. Taking on the industrial theme, the 70-square metre home is designed by Space Atelier Pte Ltd and costs $64,000.


Dark does not mean gloomy. At one glance, you know you’ll be taken on a fictional journey, where dreams and fantasies can be created on the leather sofa, illuminated by track lights above.


The layout of the home is long, and playing with wire raceways of contrasting colour is a great way to showcase an industrial themed design. Furnishings are minimal, with a lot of use of wood and metal.


The kitchen concept is created through the fusing of a bar and island concept. Taking on a lighter hue, the kitchen is airier and brighter.


In the bathroom, you can see the water tank is concealed. However, the plastic piping is painted black, similar to what was done to the wire raceways in the living room.

When redesigning your home, take note of your likings and merge them with functionality. Reuse what you already have that depicts you! Above are different concepts of 3 room resale flat renovations for you to consider! You can browse more inspirations at our website!

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