3 Stunning HDBs Designed for Your Dream Home Inspiration

March 26th 2024

Are you thinking of redesigning or renovating your HDB? If you are, it’s time to look at these three extraordinary homes brought to life by renowned (and locally-based) interior design companies.

The Alchemists  

First up, we have this breathtaking 5-bedroom HDB designed by The Alchemists. If you’re looking for a modern and minimalistic home with earthy tones, this gorgeous home will be the perfect inspiration for you! 

Living Room 

The living room embraces an expansive and spacious ambiance, highlighted by the expansive windows and natural lighting flowing in. On the left side is a minimalistic TV feature wall and additional cabinets, while on the right is a cozy L-shaped sofa paired with charming tables. For instance, the one-of-a-kind white sofa-side table looks like a monkey holding up items. Not only does it look incredibly adorably, but it blends in seamlessly with the modern theme with its simplistic white colour.


In fact, here’s another view of this gorgeous living room later on in the day. Don’t you agree that the darker tone makes the living room look more serene, like it’s inviting you to rest for the day? Not to mention, the strategically placed spotlights and expansive windows also allows you to control the amount of light you get – no matter what time of the day it is. 

Let’s now take a closer look at the TV feature wall. It boasts a wooden TV console table, grey floating cabinets on the left, and a massive TV wall mounted against a simple grey background. Here, The Alchemists really brought the TV feature wall to life with all the details. For instance, the curved edges of the wooden console table, and the floating feature of the grey cabinets enhance the sophisticated and minimalistic look of the entire space. 

While the TV feature wall takes on a more simple look, the right side of the living room boasts more elaborate details – another strategic move by The Alchemist to ensure the living room appears cohesive, but at the same time, not overwhelming. A huge brown rug anchors the space, while the cozy L-shaped sofa is decked out with quileted pillows and accessories for additional comfort. Tying in the space together is the charming pair of black-and-grey circular coffee tables. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the corner of the living room! The potted plants add a pop of greenery, while enhancing the serenity of the entire living room. In fact, this space is smartly integrated by The Alchemist, where they successfully integrated the homeowners’ interest in plants and enhance the living room space at the same time. 


Dining Area

Now, let’s take a look at the dining area. Similar to the living room, the dining area takes on an earthy tone and features a modern look. Anchoring the space is the massive wooden curved dining table paired with a leather bench and two charming chairs. On the left side are open cabinets topped with greenery and various-sized boxes, ensuring functionality with the storage space, but still keeping the space neat and clean. In fact, this stunning space is tied in with all the details – from the curved feature of the table to the infusion of the potted plants. 

Let’s take another look at the dining area. Apart from the more simple potted plants, a more intricately arranged flower pot is also included to add a touch of interest to the space. Moreover, the choice of dried flowers is also practical – not only do they look realistic and gorgeous, but they will last a long time as well. 



Now, let’s turn around from the dining room and enter the kitchen. Despite the limited space, The Alchemist managed to make the space look spacious and inviting with the use of an open concept, a lighter tone, and curved details. The curved bar table not only offers functionality with the additional tabletop, but the fluted design enhances the kitchen’s gorgeous look. 

Taking a closer look into the kitchen, you’ll find grey cabinets everywhere – offering more than enough storage space for all your kitchen needs. Not only are they soft-closing, but the handless feature also adds to the modern look of the home. The charming black-marbled backsplash tiles are also accentuated by the hidden LED light. 

Turning to the other side of the kitchen, you’ll find more cabinet space and floating shelves. Similarly, they are decked out with recessed LED lights. The best part, however, is the seamless integration of the washer and dryer units right underneath the tabletop. 


Now, let’s enter the bathroom. Boasting a dual mirror and a massive tabletop, this bathroom offers the perfect vanity table and sink area. The mirrors feature modern recessed lighting, while the floating wooden sink cabinets offer plenty of storage space. A pop of greenery is added to the space to tie in the earthy-toned look. 

If you’re worried that there might not be enough storage space, The Alchemist has great news for you! On the right, there are plenty more wooden open-shelved cabinets for easier access and functionality to your everyday toiletries. 

To the right of the bathroom is the shower enclosure with modern black edges and frosted glass for additional privacy. 

Inside the shower enclosure, you’ll find a stunning marbled black background and a simple stainless steel shower set. Not only does the marbled backdrop look incredibly stunning, but it also adds functionality – dirt and grime are less likely to be seen. 


Finally, we have the bedroom. Similar to the rest of the home, the bedroom takes on a soothing and serene earthy tone. The bed is framed by a solid wooden backdrop and features a floating curved bedside table – providing convenience and enhancing the modern look of the room. 

The Alchemists Design

2 Gambas Crescent, #09-17/18/19, Nordcom II, Tower I, Singapore 757044

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Black & Butter 

Up next, we have another modern-themed home, gorgeously designed by Black & Butter. But this time, it takes on a brighter tone and features plenty of wall moulding. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, it’s time to look look right in! 


Living Room 

Welcome to the "Black & Butter" living room, where elegance meets comfort in a harmonious blend of warm white tones and sophisticated dark accents. At one end of the room is the TV feature wall. It boasts a wall-mounted flat-screen TV accompanied by a sleek track socket designed for seamless connectivity of gaming consoles, all resting on a brown and black TV shelf below - offering both style and functionality. This space is perfect for family game nights - imagine the fun and laughter it'll bring! 


On the opposite end, a luxurious 4-seater grey sofa sits against the backdrop of a European-inspired flushed wall- throw in plush cushions and a throw blanket to enhance its cozy allure. The sofa is paired with a matching dark wooden brown coffee table, doubling effortlessly as a surface for laptops or coffee mugs.


Dark wooden planks grace the floor, adding a touch of sophistication, while a ceiling fan and spotlights on tracks create a soothing ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Full-height windows adorned with airy white curtains flood the space with natural light, exuding an inviting charm that welcomes you to linger and indulge in moments of comfort and serenity.


Dining Area

Moving a little to the right is the dining area. And at the heart of the dining room sits a stunning white glass table top, supported by dark wooden fluted panel table legs that exude understated elegance. Flush against the white wall with sophiscated European mouldings, the table invites guests to take a seat and indulge in culinary delights while basking in the warm ambiance of the surroundings. Moreover, the open-concept spaces enhances the spaciousness and brightness of the entire home. 


Taking a closer look at this stunning dining area, you’ll find three hanging dining table lights casting a soft, inviting glow while infusing the space with a sense of intimacy and charm. Simple yet classic in design, these fixtures add a touch of sophistication to the room, enhancing the dining experience with their understated beauty. In fact, the table is also curved, to add personality and enhancing modernity to the space. Not to mention, the potted plant of dried flowers add a touch of colour to the space. 


Main Entrance

As you walk in, the expansive vista of the living room unfolds before you, revealing a sanctuary of spaciousness and elegance. The dining table commands attention, followed by the plush sofa, all framed by panoramic views that beckon you to unwind and savor moments of comfort and tranquility. Meanwhile, the wooden main door also features a sleek electronic thumbprint door handle that offers both security and sophistication.


For the shoe enthusiast, fret not! A generous shoe cabinet and storage area stand adjacent, cleverly disguised behind a full-length mirror, providing a stylish solution for organizing footwear while offering the perfect opportunity for a quick outfit check before leaving for the office.


Stepping into the inviting embrace of the main entrance, your eyes are drawn to a hidden nook nestled on the left— a cozy seating area, seamlessly integrated into a thoughtful space where you can comfortably put on and take off your shoes. It also comes with ample storage and room beneath the seat to stow away accessories and for home slippers.



At its heart of the master bedroom lies a grand king-size bed, adorned with white fluffy comforters and pillows reminiscent of those found in 5-star hotels, inviting you to sink into a cocoon of serenity. From its lavish furnishings to its thoughtful design elements, the master bedroom epitomizes luxury living, offering a haven of comfort and sophistication where every detail is meticulously curated to elevate your living experience to unparalleled heights.


A dark cozy brown bed frame stands in perfect harmony against warm cream walls adorned with European-inspired accents, exuding an aura of timeless sophistication. An elegant night light graces the bedside, offering both ambiance and practicality with its built-in power outlet, ideal for charging your phone or indulging in a bedtime read.

Across from the bed, a vast full-height cupboard awaits, providing ample storage space for your wardrobe essentials, ensuring organization and ease of access. Adjacent to a bright window that floods the room with natural light, a study/office table nook beckons, offering a serene setting for productivity and contemplation, where inspiration flows freely amidst the tranquil ambiance.




Enter the epitome of sophistication and luxury bathrooms - doesn't this remind you of the Raffles Hotel? The meticulously crafted bathroom that transcends the ordinary HDB bathroom design screams class and elegance. As you step inside, your senses are greeted by an abundance of natural light cascading through ceiling-window looking lights, infusing the space with an air of brightness and expansiveness.


The overall design exudes European charm with a hint of vintage allure, adorned with tiles and backdrops that epitomize class and sophistication. A timeless black and white theme reigns supreme, with white walls serving as the perfect canvas for black furnishings accented by touches of gold—a marriage of contrasts that exudes timeless elegance.


At the sink area, a mirror with gold and black edges reflects the epitome of refinement, complemented by a wide sink adorned with a sleek black tap. Black wooden furnishings with gold-accented handles add a touch of opulence, while a potted flower infuses a hint of natural beauty. A marble wall backdrop adds a final flourish of luxury, completing the ambiance of indulgence and sophistication that defines this exceptional bathroom retreat.


The shower enclosure beckons with sleek sophistication, boasting a luxurious black rainfall shower head and glass wall partitions that elegantly separates the wet and dry areas, ensuring a seamless shower experience. Thoughtfully designed black aesthetic nooks provide convenient storage for shower essentials, maintaining a clutter-free environment.


Kids Bedroom 

Embracing a delightful warm cream and pink theme, this space radiates brightness and coziness, creating a haven where dreams come to life. European accent walls adorned with whimsical designs echo the elegance and sophistication found throughout the house, adding a touch of flair to the youthful ambiance. A full-length cream cupboard stands as a beacon of organization, offering ample storage space for clothes and essentials, with thoughtful built-in compartments at the bottom designed specifically to house your children's toys, ensuring tidiness and ease of play.

From its playful color palette to its charming design elements, the kids' bedroom embodies a sense of joy and wonder, inviting little ones to embark on adventures both real and imagined. Here, laughter fills the air, and creativity knows no bounds, as each corner of this enchanting space becomes a canvas for endless exploration and discovery, fostering a nurturing environment where memories are made and cherished for years to come.


Black & Butter

110 Lor 23 Geylang, #05-09, Victory Centre, Singapore 388410

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Underrated studio  

Last but not least, we have this bright and cheerful home designed by Underrated Studio. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind artistic home with plenty of personality, this is the perfect home inspiration for you. 

Living Room 

Who said that the living room (or any home) has to be boring? Underrated Studio took a step further by decking out the entire living room with details and bright colors. Boasting a mix of cozy orange sofas, rattan chairs, and black armchair; the mismatch adds personality to the space, while the common wooden details ensure the space doesn’t look incoherent. The addition of potted plants through out adds to the wooden detail theme, while adding a touch of natural greenery. 


Let’s take a closer look at the TV feature wall that boasts a simple wooden console table. But the best part is the gorgeous semi-circled patterned wallpaper at the back. These colors are strategically chosen by Underrated Studio, as they are of a similar tone to the rest of the living room, ensuring it adds charm to the space while tying the entire living room together 


Dining Area

Shifting a little behind, you’ll find the dining area. Similar to the living room, this dining area doesn’t skimp on the details! Featuring a simple wooden table paired with mismatched pastel green and wooden chairs, the space is enhanced with functionality by the addition of wooden closed-door cabinets and rattan open-shelved cabinets. 

The best part of the dining area, however, is the eye-catching pink LED “Little artducated” mounted right above the TV. Not only does it add personality to the space, but using the same pink as the living room adds cohesiveness. Moreover, did you notice the tiny dinosaurs in the floating lights above? With all these tiny details, Underrated Studio has truly managed to transform this dining area into a space like no other.  


Hidden right beside the dining area and fluted wooden panels is a cozy self-care nook. It features a comfortable red massage chair, a soft grey rug, and an added green tapestry. 



Now, let’s move into the massive kitchen that boasts a green-and-wooden theme. Featuring a massive wooden word board, a mini wooden and green island table, the kitchen takes on a more modern take on typical traditional kitchen designs. 

Taking a closer look, you’ll find that the stove and oven unit are seamlessly integrated. The orange and green colors are also reminiscent of the other colors found in the living room, adding a touch of cohesiveness. But the most gorgeous part? It’s the hexagonal-shaped white-and-black backsplash tiles. 


The kitchen sink is also strategically chosen by Underrated Studio! This charming design adds personality to the space, while the deep feature adds functionality. The plugs on the right further enhance functionality – ensuring you have conveniently-places plugs for all your kitchen needs. 


Moving to the left side of this massive kitchen. you’ll find a bar table paired with rattan chairs. A wooden-themed ceiling fan hangs above, providing respite for even the hottest days in Singapore. The fridge is also seamlessly integrated into the cabinets. As you can see, there is plenty of storage space throughout – a thoughtful integration by Underrated Studios considering the homeowners’ cooking interest.


Let’s take a closer look at this bar table. Underrated Studio didn’t just choose any bar table, the customized it with a one-of-a-kind wooden plank! Moreover, the hanging ceiling lights above enhances the stunning look of this kitchen.



In fact, this home is a maisonette. Even the stairs are beautifully designed, ensuring that every space in the home looks gorgeous with details! In the corner is a vase of dried flowers, adding in a touch of colour and greenery. 

Upon heading up, you’ll find a cozy artistic corner! Not only does it showcase the homeowners’ amazing artwork, but it is beautifully paired with customized art cushions. The cozy sofa bed provides ample of comfortable space, while ensuring that it allows for additional bed space when necessary. 


Bedroom One

Here’s the first children’s bedroom. From the wooden cabinet to the wooden ceiling fan, and wooden bed frame, this bedroom is decked out with natural wooden details. To add a more playful tone while keeping it soothing, Underrated Studio opted for a blue-and-white backdrop. The addition of comfortable cushions and soft toys accentuate the space. And finally, anchoring the space is the unique white rug.


Bedroom Two

And now, the master bedroom. Although the rest of the home takes on a more cheerful tone, it doesn’t mean the bedroom has to as well! Considering that the bedroom is where one rests and relaxes, Underrated Studio opted for it to take a darker tone for a more soothing experience. A massive quilted bed takes center stage, while the wooden cabinets on the left provide plenty of clothing storage space. The addition of the reflective mirror not only opens up the space, but it allows one to check your outfit before heading out for the day! 



 In fact, there is also a wooden bedside table with a stunning gold-accented bed night light. This adds a touch of modernity, while providing a cozy nightlight for all the late-night book lovers. 



And finally, step into the whimsical oasis of the bathroom boasting vibrant hues and playful designs. The overall vibe of the bathroom is one of joy and creativity, with its fun, artsy, and colorful elements brightening even the dullest of days. The focal point of this enchanting space is the mirror above the sink, framed by light and dark jade-green mermaid ceramic tiles that evoke the enchanting depths of the ocean. Set against a backdrop of cream-colored walls, the tiles infuse the room with a sense of whimsy and wonder, transporting you to an underwater paradise.


A generous mirror with opulent gold edges reflects the beauty of the surroundings, amplifying the sense of space and light while adding a touch of luxury to the whimsical ambiance. Nestled beneath the mirror, a soft pink oval sink adorned with a gleaming gold tap rests atop a light wooden floating plank, infusing the space with a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic.



Underrated Studio Pte Ltd

18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-31, Midview City, Singapore 573960

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