4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your House

Remodelling, renovating and building all require attention to detail and a good big-picture plan. Sometimes, things accidentally get left out of the renovation and it can be costly and time-consuming to fix these mistakes. I’m going to explain some common mistakes that could arise during construction so your family can avoid them next time a remodel is ongoing.

Mistake 1: Kitchen

First, we’ll focus on the most detailed room in the house, which also happens to be the hub of activity in most homes, the kitchen. So much time spent here means that each little detail should be perfect, or it will bother you every day.

Cabinets, appliances and furnishings in the kitchen will turn into a giant jigsaw puzzle. The key is to avoid measuring mistakes. When planning cabinets, make sure to also have appliance size and countertops planned as well. Measure the space for cabinets several times before ordering. The measurements will need to be accurate down to the fraction of inches, so think about having a professional visit if you’re not comfortable with the process.

The second common mistake in the kitchen is insisting on the wrong materials. We have all heard “granite countertops” so many times that we automatically think of them when renovating. But, other countertop materials can provide beautiful and practical surfaces as well. Quartz, laminate, butcher block, steel and concrete are all great alternatives. Granite could be the ideal fit for your design, just consider saving money on other options before committing.

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Mistake 2: Bathroom

Now, we will move on to the bathroom. Plumbing can be daunting, so it’s smart to hire a licensed plumber to work on anything more. The mistake many people make is working with an awkward layout because they think they must. Moving the location of a toilet or drain is not really that difficult for a licensed plumber to pull off. It will add some cost to do so, but the added budget is worth the headaches you will save every day when you use the shower without squeezing by the toilet, or wash your hands without bonking your head on the medicine cabinet. These little nuisances affect our daily lives more than we realize, until we feel the relief of the fix.

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Mistake 3: Flooring

One of the biggest pieces of a remodel puzzle is flooring. Hardwood is trending right now, so many homeowners will quickly decide on that for the house. However, other choices may be more viable depending on your needs. Dogs and cats will scratch hardwood, and kids are bound to mark them as well. Wood-like alternatives exist which will give the look of wood without the fragileness. Consider a vinyl or engineered wood before paying the premium for solid hardwood.

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Mistake 4: Furnishing

Whether you are remodeling one room or the entire house, remember to consider each detail among the big picture. You may love a sofa in that thrift shop, but sometimes you must forget it and stick to your design plan. Other times, things can be adjusted to work a surprise piece into the space. Always plan to keep a harmonious space; this is important for mental health and will create a pleasant home. Use colors, textures, materials and shapes in several differing areas throughout in order to achieve this.

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