4 different interior styles you can actually own


How many times do you browse a beautiful home reno design and say “Oooh, this is nice, I want it,” but it is either unachievable for your space, or will likely burn a hole in your budget? Today, you will be viewing four different interior styles by Key Concepts. Each one presents a different theme that can be applied to your apartment.

As you view each one, don’t just scroll through quickly. Sit on it for a bit, imagine how you will feel if you were surrounded by the colours in the image. Think about what the space will be conducive for; be it for work, relaxation or family time.

Rustic Contemporary


If you like a mix of interior design styles, a combination of earthy tones from wooden furniture and contemporary enhancements is a good choice.


Ceramic subway tiled bathroom walls with dark grout provide an interesting contrast in a neutrally coloured bathroom.


Smart storage allows you to access your items easily and safely. If you are a bag or shoes kinda person, have a display cabinet for them.


Get a sofa that blends well with the decor direction of the living room. You can then accent it with a home plant, throws and cushions.\


The honeycomb porcelain tile trend is here to stay as it is practical and aesthetically pleasing.


Wood accents, natural colour scheme and cosy textiles are the ingredients to create a warm, comfortable home. If you want your home to look timeless, amalgamating contemporary with rustic pattern play is the way to go.

Neutral Scandinavian


The Scandinavian colour theme does not run too far from each other. If you want to paint your home in neutral hues, the ideal colours revolve around shades of onyx, charcoal, beige, and white.


Storage does not have to be complicated. This simple television console is integrated with drawers, so the living space is clutter-free.


White looks good in any kitchen. It brightens and opens up the corner, creating an illusion of a larger space. Marble splashback is also a major YES in our books!


Ample countertop space is real estate for meal creations and cooking gadget placements. From microwaves to air fryers, there is a location for each of them in a well-planned kitchen.


Add a sense of grandeur with marble-patterned tiles. Dark coloured tiles for flooring pairs well with the marble walls.

Scandinavian designs are rooted in function and inspiration. It is appealing to many as it focuses on quality over quantity (no one wants a home cluttered with sweet-nothings nowadays).

Rustic Industrial


Bold, bare, and beautiful – this rustic industrial-inspired home emits cosy and somewhat southeast Asian traditional vibes at the same time.


The grooved wooden panelling on the walls disguises the door to the rooms in the house.


If you didn’t already know, rattan furniture is back in fashion and for a good reason too. It is light, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.


Ever considered an all-white bedroom? Your bedroom should be the ultimate place for rest and simple, monotonous colour can assist in good zzz’s.


On the flip side, dark (and interesting) colours envelop in the kitchen. Depending on how much storage you need, kitchen cabinets can be as simple as this!


Seamless indoor-to-outdoor concept is all the rage today. Having a bi-fold door gives you a large opening to the balcony, giving the illusion of additional space.

Rustic industrial design makes use of wood and metal finishes. It also celebrates open-plan spaces, merging the outside and the inside.

Modern Contemporary


Simplicity and sophistication is the underline definition when designing a modern contemporary home. It leans heavily on less-is-more.


In the open-concept living and dining area, you can see that it is uncluttered with furnishings. The colours are of the same shade and the space is brightly lit with ample light sources.


To add an edge to the home design, creative lighting (like the sputnik chandelier lighting above) is a great accent to any minimally designed space.


We introduce warmer tones in the bedroom; with pendant lighting flanked on both sides of the bed and a gorgeous golden geometric mural behind the headboard. 


Legless furnishings always add a notch of class – not to mention it is convenient when it comes to mopping the floor.


Based on what you have seen above, which design do you resonate most with? Which image makes you feel most at home? If you like a little bit of this and a little bit of that, don’t worry, an experienced interior designer will envision your desired design for you.

In fact, Key Concept can do it now! All you have to do is fill up this enquiry form with the details of your living space and request a non-obligated quotation from them. No strings attached! Don’t procrastinate. Click on the link and remove all doubts on the affordability of the perfect interior design for your home.

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