4-room HDB inspiration - Inspired by Minimalism

By Editor Rachel , Nov 24, 2020
4-room HDB inspiration - Inspired by Minimalism

Do you ever check out celebrity homes and dream that one day, you can own one just like it? So, Kim Kardashian West’s home has been the talk of Hollywood ever since Architectural Digest did a house tour over at their home. Some people think it is like a shrine, others love how minimalist it is. Today, we bring you a 4-room HDB inspiration by Flo-design that follows closely with a minimalist style that makes any home look spotless and clutter-free!

flo design - minimalist living room

Similar to Kimye’s home colour palette, off white plays a major role in this room. The bleached wooden furnishings envelop the space, adding texture and depth to the living room.

The timeless and stylish interior is contrasted with a black fan that is also a source of light. Surrounding the room are recessed lighting that will give the room a beaming glow when switched on.

flo design - living room with grey hues

Because of the neutral colours and select contrast pieces, the room looks more spacious and airy. We also cannot minus the fact that there is a lot of natural light allowed into the area, illuminating the space even more.

Keeping to the minimalist theme, there are only two sets of “bulky” furniture, the grey plush L-shaped sofa and the floating television console.

Comfort, checked.

Functionality, checked.

flo design - minimalist kitchen with dark grey cabinets

The kitchen carries a similar theme with the living room, albeit with more contrast as the backsplash features a single piece of black reflective glass that blends seamlessly with the black stone kitchen top. The lower cabinets are coloured black walnut, that stands on the flipside to the top cabinets that are off white.

We love the backsplash because when cooking, sauces, oil and other condiments may “splash” onto it. Having a glass backsplash eases cleaning because just a few spritzes of window cleaning liquid, and a good wipe down, the cooking evidence will be gone.

The flooring and walls are also fitted with a similar hue, with clean lines throughout.

flo design - bedroom with neutral hues

If you think it’d be any different in the bedroom, think again.

For most, minimalism is not just an interior design theme, it is a lifestyle. It is particularly sought after by those who lead terribly hectic lives because being home in a minimalist setting helps them relax and clear their mind from the hustle and bustle of work.

In the bedroom, off white stands as its prominent hue with a grey headboard and, surprisingly, walnut coloured flooring.

flo design - bathroom with monochromatic tones

The ensuite bathroom glows in off-white, but because of the smaller space, the dark under sink cabinet creates an inviting juxtaposition.

As illumination, the bathroom incorporates an LED strip lamp similar to ones you see in industrial hallways. Under-cabinet strip lighting also helps brighten the countertop where we always have our skincare and dental care items scattered.

flo design - bathroom with monochromatic tones 2

In the home’s main bathroom, a similar LED strip lamp is used. You can see how functional it is as only one ceiling lamp illuminates the whole space even without little natural light.

Unlike the ensuite bathroom, the colour theme resembles more of the living room in the second image. Shades of off-white permeate on every wall. The under-sink cabinet also echoes the same shade to keep with the theme.

Simple and functional, that is the concept we see in this 4-room HDB home.

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