4-room resale flats under $65,000 (Part 2)

July 25th 2022

4-room resale flats under $65,000

Resale flats are a convenient choice because they are already fully constructed and you can move-in pretty much immediately once all the paperwork has been settled. However, they can sometimes be a little bit on the expensive side because of this. 

If you’ve been house hunting for a while, you may find that most resale flats are out of your budge. But, we have come across resale flats that won’t break the bank and look way more expensive than they actually are! Here are just two such resale flats that were renovated for less than $65,000.

Peace & Quiet – Bishan

This contemplative resale flat exudes class and modernity. With a chic design, you would think that this home would cost a bomb. But, it is entirely affordable with the help of a talented and resourceful designer.

The home features a dark and deep earthy colour palette that soothes you, especially after a particularly tiring day. The lovely décor introduces a pop of colour to add some vibrancy and liveliness.

The dining area is designed to look like a simple restaurant, with the solid-coloured wall as the background and a bouquet of flowers to set the tone.

Bay seating can be a cosy area for you to relax and unwind while watching your favourite show, reading a book or just breathing in fresh air.

Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen creates an intimate setting that is apt for the theme of the entire home.

There are also workspaces in this flat that cater to those who like to work from home or game regularly. Both rooms have ample storage space and shelving for all your materials, such as books or intricate desktop set-ups.

A look fit for royalty – the bedroom is just as elegant with unique light fixtures that serve as small statement pieces in the room.

The bathroom has a few cute carpentry additions, such as the toilet-side bookshelf. The décor in the bathroom also gives it a boutique look.

Simple contemporary – Ang Mo Kio

Life can get a life chaotic sometimes, so it’s understandable that some of us wish to come home to a simple home, just like the one pictured here.

This home features a white background with some accents of primary colours to create a contemporary look.

The bedroom is mostly white to create a clean and fresh look that makes you feel comfortable when you tuck yourself into bed at night.

With sufficient storage space, you can conveniently store toiletries in the bathroom. The shower area is also separated from the rest of the bathroom to reduce splashing and the occurrence of water stains.

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