5 firms that create Contemporary Homes in Singapore

By Editor Rachel , Mar 30, 2021
5 firms that create Contemporary Homes in Singapore

Think contemporary homes in Singapore, think vogue on the runway because they are almost the same thing. One is to dress a home and another, a body. If you are itching to dress your HDB, condominium, or landed property in the latest and “faddest” designs, look no further than these top five design firms in Singapore that design contemporary homes.

They have a gorgeous portfolio featuring transformations they have done to many units across the country. If you like what you see, click on their profile and get them to send over a quotation - no strings attached!

Ovon Design

Always crafting, developing and thinking out of the box, the people at Ovon Design are dedicated to their art. Only with such zeal can they look and dream an empty space into contemporary delight.

Here, we see a minimalist contemporary interior design making full use of soft greys, blacks and use of wood the colour of aspen.

ovon design - contemporary home 1

Classical design is all about the curves, but contemporary leads with lines.

ovon design - contemporary home 2

Stick to monochromatic tiles when introducing mosaics. A little industrial rawness does a contemporary design well too.

ovon design - contemporary home 3

Leaning on the psychology of colour, a grey room may offer better peace and tranquility.

ovon design - contemporary home 4

The grey scheme is avoided in rooms where productivity needs to be fostered. Ample wooden furnishings are built-in to ensure functionality - but they are all fashioned with lines in mind.

ovon design - contemporary home 5

Induce solitude in a bathroom fashioned to exude calm and yet, possess visual interest. Here, the focal point is the bathroom walls arranged ornately with diamond-shaped tiles into a starburst design.

Ovon Design does not only strive to deliver, they work to do it on time and on budget. Interested to see more of what they have to offer? Connect wth with Ovon Design!

Elpis Interior

Elpis Interior consists of four design consultants that looks to build partnerships with their clients on the project they endeavour in. Though small, they have made a name for themselves by being one of the best interior designers that specialise in residential design and renovation.

elpis interior - contemporary home 1

To some, contemporary home designs can be a little cold and disconnected. But do you know that these themes can also bring about cosy hygge (as the Swedish people call it)?

elpis interior - contemporary home 2

Contemporary does not disallow you from experimenting with colours. Teal is an interesting colour to introduce as it looks almost black at night and emerald green when sunlight strikes its surface.

elpis interior - contemporary home 3

Only one feature wall is enough. The rest of the furnishings are kept minimal.

elpis interior - contemporary home 4

Cerulean is the pick for the bedroom and stands as a contrast to the light wood, grey and white furnishings.Felt a connection with the design Elpis Interior has put out? Connect with Elpis Interior to get a free quote.

Exqsite Interior

What makes a house, a home? The people - happy people who can live in harmony together. One way to ensure the participants of creating the home stays content is by having space for each one of them. Though many can live with clutter, never once to people prefer the clutter.

EXQsite can handle the clutter by transforming space with genius designs that promote functionality and sophistication.

exqsite - contemporary home 1

When working with contemporary designs, colour, or the minimality of it, is paramount.

exqsite - contemporary home 2

Greys and browns, coupled with neat clean lines, make rooms airy and look spacious.

exqsite - contemporary home 3

Natural light is a key element to a modern contemporary home. A designer that knows how to make full use of natural light will not only successfully bright that effect to life, it will also safe the homeowner a fair share of the electricity bill too.

exqsite - contemporary home 4

A runway in the kitchen? If it helps get work done quick, two marble kitchen tops are always welcomed.

exqsite - contemporary home 5

If there is one thing that never goes out of style, it is marble. The Romans have used it centuries ago and now, it is still prized for its luxurious outlook. EXQsite made it look exquisite when pairing both toe kitchen top and the backsplash with marble.

Thinking of injecting contemporary design into your home? Connect with EXQsite Interior to get a free quote.

SEDS Interior

Visionary - it is the element that the people at SEDS Interior are proud to possess. They will journey with their clients from consultation, design, renovation and the final touchups.

The results, breathtaking. See them for yourself!

Functional storage is key, but it can be refined with clean lines fitted within the boundaries of geometry.

Most of the time, less is more. Seds Interior keeps it simple, safe and spacious.

Palette choices lead the way when planning for a contemporary-themed room.

At SEDS Interior, their dream is to make your dream a reality. Keen to work with them? Connect with SEDS Interior to get a free quote!

Carpenters Interior Design

Last, but certainly not least, is the award-winning Carpenters Interior Design. With links to carpentry, the founder, Yen Lau found his passion when looking up to his father - yes, a carpenter.

Known for their minimalist industrial designs, they are regarded as one of the best contemporary interior designers in the country.

carpenters -contemporary home 1

Fashion is a cycle, what is old can be new again, and what is new can be old. It is the balance of both that brings about the design of NOW.

carpenters -contemporary home 2

Pampas grass and candle atop an intricate but simple cabinet is a great way to draw attention to crafted work.

carpenters -contemporary home 3

A fusion of neutrals being the room together - in sheer luxury.

carpenters -contemporary home 4

More light, more space, more contemporary.

Do you want to work with furnishings at hand (or maybe heirlooms) for the design of your home? It can be transformed into a contemporary haven with Carpenters Interior Design.

Connect with Carpenters Interior Design to view more of what they have done!

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