Do you often feel stifled by your own home, or perhaps have difficulty finding space to keep all your possessions organised? These problems are all too common these days, especially given the rise in popularity of modern shoebox apartments. Either way, here are 5 useful tips for you to increase available living space and use it efficiently!

Use vertical space to your advantage

If you’re having trouble moving around comfortably in your home due to too many belongings lying around or a narrow passageway, it is time to eliminate those elements. Narrow and cluttered spaces usually arise out of a tendency to chuck things into any nook and cranny we see. This takes up horizontal space around furniture and ultimately diminishes the amount of room you have to manoeuvre around in. Consider getting taller, less wide furniture like this sleek cube storage wall unit which occupies less square metres than the average cupboard.

vertical cupboard

(photo from csomerlotdesign.com) Not only does it maximise vertical space using its height, it saves you the trouble of getting boxes to compartmentalize your items!

Invest in multi-purpose furniture items

Kill two (or multiple) birds with one stone by getting furniture with more than one function. This classic coffee table not only provides drawers for storage, but has shelves for you to display knick-knacks and ornaments.

classic coffee table

(photo from puppify.info)

Hang your items!

Closet organisers as shown below can be a cheaper alternative to bulky furniture and contribute to a more minimalist style within your home.

closet organisers

(photo from Pinterest) Hanging door racks are also a creative way of using one of the most rarely utilised surfaces in our homes for storage. Alternatively, you can use attachable wall hooks.

shoe organiser

(photo from Alibaba)

Get a loft bed

Ordinary beds tend to occupy a high amount of surface area in bedrooms, often with a dusty and shallow area between the bed frame and floor for storing items. Loft beds are an ingenious way of utilising space below and above your bed, which you can convert into a workspace, lounging area or even more storage cupboards.

loft bed

(photo from IKEA)

loft bed

(photo from PB Teen)

Make clever use of shelves and ledges

Lacking space for a nightstand? Use deep window-sills which can double up as a shelf. Or even better, the window-sill area can be turned into a bed!

window sill area

(photo from homedit.com)

windowsill bench

(photo from smalldesignideas.com) On a simpler note, installing numerous high-set shelves are an easy way to organise books or photo frames, especially if you have more than just a few.

high-set shelves

(photo from stockholm-vitt.blogspot.sg)