5 Open Concept HDB Flats To Inspire You

Just received notice that your application for a BTO or resale flat was successful? You now probably fall into the category of Singaporeans excited to move into their new flat, but who have no idea what they want or how they are going to accomplish designing the home of their dreams. Have no fear, figuring out the style for your flat simply requires some inspiration – and we have plenty. Open concept homes and flats have risen in popularity in recent times due to their unique and beneficial structure. The absence of walls makes the home appear more spacious, accommodate more natural light and enables prospective parents or pet owners to keep an eye out for their child or pet’s safety.

open concept living and dining

This first example of an open concept flat boasts a classic modern design with a muted colour scheme that ranges from monochrome colours to soft, earthy tones such as brown, grey and cream coloured furniture. The piece of artwork on the wall cleverly functions as an accent piece for the room, drawing attention to it and adding a ‘pop!’ of colour to the room. This is simple and elegant, perfect for those of you who enjoy some quiet and a peaceful space to relax.

black cupboard bookcase with bright blue sofa

This snazzy room certainly catches the eye, and is probably home to a few equally colourful personalities as well. The pitch black cupboard-bookcase contrasts well against the bright blue, green and cream-coloured elements in the room. It functions as a customizable and eye-catching means to display and organise your possessions. The green lawn mat together with the blue chaise sofa are interesting choices that may come off stark to the eye but complement each other in their brightness.

contemporary open concept living room

This third flat is sure to inspire young couples, with its unmistakeably contemporary look which when paired with the open concept, becomes the epitome of modern chic apartments. With a monochrome base and vibrant furniture reminiscent of IKEA together with a stylish kitchen bar, this home is certainly worth the cost of renovation.

uniform coloured furniture

In our fourth showcase of an open concept flat, its theme is discernibly uniform thanks to the varied shades of oak, mahogany and tan brown and cream-coloured furniture. Accentuated by its bright white lighting, the room almost glows with warmth and emits a luxurious gleam.

complex modern furniture with white base

Finally, this dazzling flat has our eyes peeled wide open, staring at every possible corner with its simple yet complex interplay of modern furniture, colours of all sorts upon a basic white base. It somehow manages to look captivating while giving the impression that its complex array of styles and colours is easy to achieve. Perfect for those of you with an imaginative childlike streak or penchant for bubbliness and simplicity, this is definitely a subject of creativity and inspiration.