5 Renovation Ideas for Dog Lovers

Do you have a dog or two at home whom you worry have no space to run and to stretch in your HDB flat? Fret now, we have some renovation ideas here to help you build a friendly home for your loyal friend.

A place for your pet’s belongings

When renovating your new HDB home, make sure to think of designated storage areas to keep your dog’s belongings. A useful place would be near the door or living room, where you can reach for the leash, towels and other toys for your dog before bringing your best friend out for a walk in the mornings or in the evenings.

Dog bed corner

If you forget the storage places, you might end up leaving your pet’s belongings on the floor, table or somewhere conspicuous but that make cause a mess and potential hazards for tripping over in your home.

Feeding area and food storage

Just like us, our pets need a space to have their meals. For most HDB homes, owners usually feed their pets in the kitchen. You could build a tiny cosy corner to feed your dog or even create a spot beside your dining table so that your dog can eat with the family during meal time.

Small porch for dogs

However, that might cause pet food to be dispersed around the dining area which requires time and effort to clean up. If you have a small porch or service yard to segregate for their meal times then even better.

It is also important to think of where you would be storing your pet food. Pet food usually come in a big bag and we need to transfer them into smaller containers to make it easier to pour out into the bowl daily.

Pet food storage

Therefore, it would be an eyesore if you were to leave the huge pet food out in view in the kitchen which could potentially attract unwelcome guests such as bugs and vermin. So it is paramount to remember to set aside a convenient storage area in your kitchen for you to handle your pet food.

Suitable flooring

One of the most important things to consider for pet owners, whether you have a dog or a cat is to think of the flooring you would like to use. The best pet flooring would be the type of material that is durable, one that keep up with you over many years without your having to change your flooring material.

Dog sleeping on floor

That means laminate flooring and thin vinyl sheets are out of the question. The best bet would be concrete or tiles, which are hardy and more resistant to damage. Also, these flooring materials are much easier for you to maintain.

Choosing your furniture

Another thing to consider is the type of furniture to purchase when you have pets at home. You can train your dog not to jump atop your sofa, but it can be hard to do as most of us enjoy cuddling our dog on the sofa.

When choosing new furniture for your home, make sure you look for furniture with durable materials and least amount of maintenance. Also, make sure to avoid having sharp corners where your dog may run into and hurt itself. Pers, like children can be oblivious to corners and dangerous items, especially when they are still growing up and exploring the areas. Avoid putting potted plants on the floor to reduce the probability of an accident.

Create space for running around

We all love spaces to move or to stretch and your dogs too will love spacers. This is even more important if your dog is often left home alone when you are away at work. You can consider creating open spaces where your kitchen and dining area becomes an open space

Dog in living room

Storage areas help to keep away items thus also creating space for your dog to move around. As your furry friend do not deserve to be locked up in a cage while eagerly awaiting your return from home, take into account the overall layout of your new home. Discuss with your interior designer how you can ensure a flow of space and movement taking your dog’s physical activity into account.