5 Steal-Worthy Powder Room Design Ideas for Your Upcoming Revamp

A powder room is no longer a place where you do your business or wash up and leave; it has become an important extension where you can look forward to an uninterrupted rest and relaxation after a tiring, stressful day.

Just like any other part of the house, toilet interior designs also demand the necessary facelift to create a seamless transition between living spaces.

More and more Singaporeans are making their powder rooms more relaxing, opulent and spa-like sanctuaries by adding a modern look. As such, interior designers are tasked to create toilet spaces with a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Looking to give your bathroom an overhaul? Here are some steal-worthy interior design trends to make your toilet a haven of comfort in your modern home:

Make it spacious and cozy

Luxurious bathroom

While a powder room’s limited space poses key challenges for interior designers, it also provides fascinating creative possibilities to design tighter spaces without compromising on luxury and style. One ingenious way to give your toilet a larger, more luxurious feel is by keeping clutter to a minimum while adding a personal touch.

If you’re working with limited spaces, a floating vanity is a perfect solution to free up floor space and give your toilet the illusion of added space. Tuck away your toiletries and various novelty items in the vanity cabinet to create a clean space for relaxation. They also give your toilet a modern and edgy look while fulfilling the storage function the best way.

A wall-mounted toilet bowl is typically smaller in size and takes up less space, making them ideal for HDB toilets with limited room. Besides, the bowl’s clean, modern design elevates the overall ambience and trendy aesthetics of your bathroom.

The elegant design melded with the outstanding functionality and supreme comfort renders your modern life much effortless.

Relaxing Lights

Clever lighting over the vanity mirror

While every room can have unique décor and style, good lighting can make the entire difference, particularly to your powder room.

Good lighting not only illuminates dark spaces, but they also lend a sense of tranquility and calm to your powder room.

Even with modern living spaces, cramped powder rooms can be made to appear bigger and brighter with clever lighting. Whether you choose a blend of recessed light in the ceiling and an over the vanity mirror stylish pendant light, proper lighting can bring a Zen-like ambiance to your powder room. Candles and wall sconces are also excellent sources of warm light and ambiance.

Brighter, cooler temperature bulbs can serve well for your functional lighting while dimmer, warmer bulbs are an ideal choice for ambient lighting. Be sure to layer your lighting angled in different ways to highlight attractive features or tiles.

Liven Up Bare Walls

Wallpaper design powder room

Take down the blunt modern designs and create a less intimidating space by decorating bare walls with some artwork.  Whether it’s your kid’s drawings put into quirky frames, or framed pictures and snapshots or hanging art deco, you can create an intimate yet relaxing powder room.

Not only meant for the bedroom or living room, artwork in the toilet is also a cool way to jazz up and soften the functional feel of a minimalist space.

Adding a portrait that fits your style or one that carries some special meaning to you instantly attracts the eye and it won’t clutter the space. There’s no better way to breathe fresh life into your mundane powder room than using the newest wallpaper designs.

Bring More Greenery

Bathroom with plants
Credit: Free Space Intent

Not only do plants in stylish pots beautify an otherwise sterile-looking powder room, they also add life and personality, boosting your mood and reducing stress.

In this condo’s gorgeous modern powder room with a minimalist design, the designer injects greenery in the form of a tiny plant in a stylish pot perched on the countertop. This adds a touch of color to the grey-toned powder bath space.

Whether it’s a standalone planter packed with tall orchids or a spider plant hanging shaggily in all directions from a high shelf, having greenery in your toilet is truly visually pleasing and relaxing.

The plants spread natural fragrance creating a calming and soothing atmosphere in your toilet space.

Add A Touch Of Personality

Elegant, stylish bathroom
Credit: Obbio Concept

With a few accessories, one can easily transform a simple powder room look into an elegant, stylish sanctuary. By adding a few accessories, you also get a perfect chance to show your personality.

You may become a little creative with your vanity mirror and hunt for one with a modern design and a unique shape or install a vintage designed with an ornate frame. Opt for vanity a mirror that makes a statement and adds character and style even to the blandest of powder rooms.

Instead of standard towel bars and chrome faucets, go with something less popular such as matte black, vibrant, tempered glass or even unlacquered brass finishes. This is a perfect way to bring in intensity to your powder room.

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