5 Superb Ideas To Clutter-Free Kitchen Counters

By Editor Val , Mar 02, 2020
5 Superb Ideas To Clutter-Free Kitchen Counters

From kitchen appliances and dirty utensils to papers and keys, kitchen countertops quickly accumulate all forms of clutter.  Not only does a cluttered kitchen countertop look and feel chaotic, it as well drastically affects your productivity and effectiveness in the kitchen.

As a valuable work space, you should always strive to tame your messy countertop and create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Here are 5 simple ways to maintain a clean and pristine kitchen countertop!

Install an appliance garage

Appliance garage

Compared to everything else on your countertop, kitchen appliances take up the most of this valuable space.  As one of the kitchen storage arsenals, an appliance garage is a designated storage space for all your kitchen appliances.

This elegant kitchen appliance garage by Unimax Creative offers an ingenious way to preserve counter space by neatly keeping small appliances out of sight yet easily accessible.

With more stylish and elegant doors, appliance garages are becoming popular design elements that enhance the design aesthetic of your kitchen space. Install your kitchen appliance garage at the corner, above or even below the countertop and add versatility, functionality, and style to your storage options.

Commit to a minimalist concept

Minimalist concept kitchen
SHE Interior

Minimalism is all about embracing less. This means doing away with old, broken appliances on your countertop as well as those infrequently used ones.

Having many small appliances contributes to the cluttering of your countertop. And if you lack the space to put every appliance out of sight, you may consider replacing single-function appliances with multipurpose ones.

Modern multi-purpose kitchen appliances not only save you plenty of counter space, but they also make meal preps and cooking more efficient while saving you a chunk of time. Moreover, most of the newer models come in many elegant designs that seamlessly fit into your kitchen design.

Get a little creative with your kitchen sink

Over-the-sink cutting board

Another superb hack to expand your countertop space is using an over-the-sink cutting board.

While this may be temporary, it’s a simple yet effective way to create more kitchen counter space for meal cooking and food preparation.  This way, you also eliminate the hassle with a clogged, messy countertop during busy cooking times.

Apart from the over-the-sink chopping board, you can be more creative and use an over-sized chopping board to completely cover your sink and create an extended working space.

Open shelves for spices

Open shelves for spices
Tan Studio

Probably one of the main causes of clutter in your kitchen countertop, spices quickly scatter all over while you’re cooking meals making your workstation messy.

While chucking your spices into a drawer eliminates counter clutter, simple shelving under your upper cabinets offers innovative and useful storage space for your everyday ingredients.

This way, you're maximizing the empty space between your kitchen’s upper cabinets and your countertop. This also ensures your favorite flavors are well organized and easier to reach them in a flush.

Transform awkward corners into storage spaces

Kitchen storage spaces
Art Muse

The counter corners are some of the notoriously awkward spaces often neglected but offer an ingenious way to bump up your kitchen storage space.

Transform these awkward corners into stunning and functional floating shelves for storing some of the frequently used items like cups and bowls. Whether it’s a simple, tiered wireframe shelf or something a little sophisticated, make sure you choose a shelf that complements the material of your cabinets to create an elegant display with architectural appeal.

De-clutter For Maximum Kitchen Organization and Efficiency

As the hub of every kitchen, countertops become cluttered within no time, presenting a significant challenge during meal preparations. Decluttering your countertops is a sure-fire way to create a beautiful and more pristine space for efficient meal preparation.

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