5 ways to create a larger space in a compact home

Which of us have not secretly wished for a larger space in our homes? Indeed, it does get difficult to cram all of one’s worldly possessions into a space of 95 square metres (Singapore’s average house size). While it may not always be easy or affordable to buy a bigger space, that does not mean we don’t have a few tricks up our sleeves to give off the illusion of a larger room! So here are some tips and tricks to give an illusion of a larger space.

Tip #1: Include a Wall of Mirrors

Bedroom with Mirrors to create a larger space

Consider the bedroom shown above. It has a modest size, with few empty spaces, and yet it appears open, spacious and airy. One of the key features that contribute to this is the presence of the mirror wall. Mirrors are an essential accent piece for any bedroom. However, in this case, having an entire wall dedicated to mirrors is a fun optical illusion that makes your floor space appear far larger than it really is, simply because of the reflection. With this, you can create a larger space in your small home

Tip #2: Use Pastel and Taupe Colours

Image of pastel and taupe bedroom

In a small bedroom, the rule of thumb is to use bright or striking colours only in moderation. While these could look beautiful and cosy in large spaces, they often have a confining air when used in small rooms, and may even appear gaudy. In contrast, light and taupe colours often open up the room, making it appear airier and more spacious. Furthermore, the lack of striking colours means that your eyes will not be drawn to any one item in particular, which adds to the illusion of a larger room and more space.

Tip #3: Use Dark Colours Strategically

Image of dark theme bedroom

At first glance, this tip may seem to directly contradict Tip #2. But survey the bedroom above. It has a dark theme and is pretty small, yet it appears far from cramped. Thus, while light colours do help to brighten up a small room, dark colours could have their own place too! In this case, the dark juxtaposes the light, and helps to create depth in the crevices of the room by giving the illusion of a darker shadow. That said, the rule about colours that are too striking still stands; In both light and dark colours, stick to the basics – taupe, black, white, grey and the pastels. Hot pink of neon green would likely appear garish in small rooms.

Tip #4: Use Large Accents in Decorating

It’s simple logic: to some extent, your eyes scale the room according to the size of the accents used in decorating. Thus, in decorating, bigger is better! Choose full length curtains and mirrors instead of shorter ones, have a few larger-than-life accent pieces rather than a whole shelf of small household ornaments, and use larger wall paintings. All these little accents can extend your vertical space, making the room appear taller and more elegant.

Image of large wall painting

Tip #5: Your furniture can double as a storage area

Decorations, colours, and mirrors can help your space appear larger, but this cannot help you solve the problem of clutter. Clutter draws attention to itself, and gives the impression of having insufficient space, and thus makes the room look smaller. However, many forms of furniture can help you solve this problem by doubling as drawers and cupboards! From stairs and ottomans to sofas and beds, the varieties of furniture that could act as extra storage areas are endless.

Image of bed storage area
Image of sofa storage drawer


These are just 5 small things you could do around your house, but they can be immensely powerful tips to help reduce the clutter in your home and help you find the space you need to store your possessions. Just follow these five simple steps and you will have a larger looking home in no time, and you’ll achieve your goals with style!

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