50 shades of grayscale

Think 50 Shades of Grey and you’d have an image about something sensual; think grayscale and you’d probably see yourself setting the colour set to grayscale before printing your Microsoft Word document. But today, we are talking about your home and how a colour deemed as dull can bring a fresh revival to your personal space.

We zoom into the central region of Singapore, just along Lorong Limau, a stone’s throw away from the busy Balestier Road where delicious hawker food can be found. The 40-storey Whampoa Dew HDB stands here and we’ll see ourselves into the 4-room HDB BTO premium unit that has been designed and renovated by Juz Interior.

Juz Interior has been making interior design dreams come true since 2013. They follow a 4-step methodology to ensure each stage is well taken care of before resuming to the next, allowing seamless execution and high customer satisfaction. First, they focus on a custom design before the visualisation drawings are due to be done. After that comes the project management, before decoration services are orchestrated.

Contemporary living room

In the living room, we see clean lines and muted greys against a white backdrop. There is a reason why greys fit so well with contemporary culture today; they are wonderfully flexible. They can vibe with cool hues or splashes of unexpected colour, like yellow or hot pink, for example. Eclectic designs like the quirky basket on the tea table and a large forest infused portrait picture on the wall give character to the space. Sharp designs are soothed by a soft flush single sofa alongside a classic round arm sofa.

The whole space sings a similar tune. From the metal detail on the television mount to the carpeting, it is the perfect setting for great conversations as there is nothing jarring or oddly attention seeking here.

Contemporary dining area

Just a turn of the camera shows off the dining area. The theme does not change in this space. However, it does introduce more interesting architectural elements like the white dining chairs with legs that have a curvature to extend stability, and mirrors that stand on linear lines bursting out from an invisible focal point. The mirror feature does do wonders in making the small space seem a little larger.

Just like the living room, an earthy tone makes its greeting. You can see that the kitchen lamp that hangs down from the ceiling is bronze, presenting a break from the cloudy hues of this space.

While most would not opt for dark dining tables in their home, we are glad that the owners took up the challenge to introduce an element so starkly different from most homes. Black acrylic with rivers of white running across the slab will be a fantastic contrast for white plates carrying delectable food.

Custom-built walk-in wardrobe

When looking to renovate your home, always ask yourself, ‘What is a luxury feature I want to add to my space?’

The owners knew exactly what they wanted and requested to have a custom-built walk-in wardrobe to finish the space. What a way to make you feel like a million dollars!

Walk-in wardrobes are not just for ‘flexing’ – they serve a purpose. It encourages ventilation that prevents mould and mildew. Plus, having the extra allocated space allows you to organise your apparel and accessories to reduce the chances of creases and things going missing.

Abiding by the theme of the entire home, the walk-in wardrobe is decked in grey from top to bottom. What we absolutely love about this space is the uneven hardware serving as knobs. This minimalistic accent shows off a little playfulness in the design.

Before wrapping up this urban home, it should be highlighted that though grey can exude elegance in the home, lighting plays an important role to liven up the area. Even here, you can see that it is illuminated at the ceiling. There are also skirting lights at the bottom of the built-in shelves.

This greyscale home is not mundane or boring as many people would’ve imagined. In fact, grey brings a very modern and sensual aura. Colour themed homes are perfect to keep clutter out. Objects that clash with the tone of the home can be easily identified, and put away. Maybe Marie Kondo has yet to discover that trick!

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