6 IKEA finds to Make Your Living Room Cosy

How do you create a perfect living room that invites you, your family and guests to sit, destress, and chill? Cate St Hill puts it perfectly: A cosy living room that hits the right spot doesn’t just look good; it also appeals to our other senses – touch, scent and sound. From the type of material to the way furniture is arranged, everything should come together in an ensemble for the perfect living room.

Back in my childhood home, the couch and the TV set framed our squarish living room. In the middle sat a wide coffee table with a marble top. My family and I spent most of our downtime at home in that warm, relaxing space. Even if I was in a different room, it created a sense of safety and comfort, simply knowing someone was there, unwinding and relaxing.

Find out how you can create a cosy living room with these 6 Ikea finds

Ikea finds #1: Scented Candles

Ikea scented candles 1
Ikea scented candles 2
Ikea scented candles 3

Scented candles work like magic to shift your mood and help you unwind. The best scents for relaxing are those with floral and natural, green notes. IKEA has a wide variety of candles in a range of scents, sizes, and colours. Our top picks are the Omrade pine and moss candle ($7.90) and the Hostvarme winter harmony candle ($12.90) which has hints of wood, lavender, and lemon. Light these up and get cosy with a cuppa tea or hot chocolate!

Ikea finds #2: Sofas

Ikea sofa 1
Ikea sofa 1
Ikea sofa 1

If you asked anyone looking for comfort, they would opt for a soft, well-cushioned sofa rather than a boxy, leather-covered sofa. Although IKEA has both types (and more), their Ektorp  2-seater sofa ($545) would make you want to hop right in and take a sweet afternoon nap. The Ektorp is neither futuristic nor unique. With a simple design that doesn’t stand out awkwardly, it champions and leads the way for a relaxed vibe. 

Ikea finds #3: Throws

Ikea throws 1
Ikea throws 2
Ikea throws 3

The Oddrun woollen throw ($15.90) is our top pick of IKEA’s throws. Because warm, woolly blankets aren’t suitable for houses in the tropics, it’s not common to buy a throw for our living room to snuggle in this weather. However, a small touch like a single throw can make a huge difference to the living room space. It can soften the overall aesthetics, and make you feel more at ease. It can also serve as a shawl or blanket for your guests or little ones to snuggle up in.

Ikea finds #4: Coffee Table/Storage Table

Ikea storage box 1
Ikea storage box 2

A coffee table should not only hold your coffee. It can act as a centrepiece for people to gather around at and, of course, hold their coffee. Interior designers recommend a wooden material with darker colours, which carry a traditional and homey vibe. Then, depending on your room and sofa size, select a coffee table of proportionate height, length and width. Bonus points if it has storage space! We’ve got our eyes on the Hol storage table ($99).

Ikea finds #5: Rugs

Ikea floor rug 1
Ikea floor rug 2

Much like throws, rugs also contrast the hardness of the floors and make the room softer and cosier. Select a rug in a muted, neutral colour instead of a bright colour. Since rugs are designed with many patterns, colours and textures, it’s really a matter of preference! Just make sure that it is large enough to cover most of your living room’s floor space. The Omtanksam rug is $99 and has a protective rubber backing so that it doesn’t slide across the floor.

Ikea finds #6: Photo Frames

Ikea photo frame 1
Ikea photo frame 2

Home is where the heart is. Your living room is a great place to display your throwback pictures or mementos. Seeing familiar faces of loved ones or a fond memory will instantly improve your mood in the room. It also gives guests something to talk about. A large Ribba frame (left, $7.90) goes well on the wall, whilst multiple Fiskbo frames (right, $1.50) can be lined up along the TV cabinet. So, pick up your travel pictures, baby photos or a selfie with your best friend and get framing! 

The living room is the space in the house that usually greets you when you come back home after a day’s worth of errands. When it’s been a busy day filled with work, noise, traffic and people, you just want to come home to a haven and nestle with a loved one (or pet). That’s why, it’s vital to carefully select pieces for your living room and entire home that symbolises your ideal state of rest.

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