6 Products from Shopee To Jazz Up Your Living Space

When designing your living room, what matters most to you? Aesthetics, comfort, or functionality? We’d say all three are equally important! If you want to create a cosy nest for your family, we suggest you read till the end of this article. This is your ultimate guide to affordable living room products you can get from Shopee!

#1 Product from Shopee: Room Divider

room divider

It’s important for the living room to be contained in its own section. Why? Picture yourself entering a state of calm. The living room should have no distractions and there should be a sense of being cocooned in this spot.

This room divider allows you to create a makeshift wall between your living room and other areas of the home. That way, you’ll be able to fully relax. More privacy for you to take a breather on the couch and leave your stress behind the wall.

#2 Product from Shopee: Modern LED Wall Lamp

modern led wall lamp

Do you know the saying, a little goes a long way? These LED wall lamps illuminate any space with just a small amount of exposure. These chic lamps can be fitted wherever you want – on the walls, the ceilings or behind TV consoles.

Say goodbye to the glare and brightness of old-school fluorescent tubes. These LED wall lamps will emit not only a warm, yellowish light. They’ll also emit a romantic atmosphere that goes perfectly with a glass of red wine with your loved ones. Cheers to good lighting!

#3 Product from Shopee: LED Digital Wall Clock

led digital wall clock

Make your clock the talk of the town!

If there’s any way to accessorise a plain wall in the living room, this is it. This digital clock displays the time while its LED lights will brighten up a dark room. It even has alarm features and a few colours to choose from depending on the mood you’re going for.

While we love the conventional analogue clocks, this LED digital clock looks too futuristic to pass up!

#4 Product from Shopee: Floor Standing Plant Shelf

floor standing plant shelf

Houseplants and indoor plants are getting insanely popular. And for good reasons, too: they improve air quality in the home and are absolutely miraculous in relieving stress! Employees working from home have found it very calming to grow indoor plants at home.  Instead of lining up all your plants on the balcony floor or window sills, why not display them vertically? Check out this Nordic floor standing plant shelf. Group all of your house plants together and house them on a shelf. Small steps to achieve a mini garden in the living room to melt all your stress away.

#5 Product from Shopee: 3D Brick Wall Stickers

3d brick wall stickers

These days, anything is possible. Yes, even sticking bricks onto a plain wall. You can literally attach this faux brick wallpaper onto any wall in your living room!

It will instantly transform your living room without the need for any heavy and expensive renovations. This 3D brick wallpaper can bring about those New York apartment slash warehouse vibes with a rustic feel.

It’s such an easy and affordable step to accentuate any space of the living room, like a feature wall or a cosy corner.

#6 Product from Shopee: Fluffy Tie-dyed Carpet

fluffy tie-dyed carpet

A carpet can do wonders to transform a living room. Besides covering the floor underfoot, a carpet reinforces the living room space and brings it all together.

Plus, it adds warmth to the home. Having a carpet in the living room makes a huge difference. These colourful tie-dyed carpets are to die for! Picture yourself sprawled out on this soft, fluffy carpet with your loved ones. What a luxurious feeling…

Get your hands on these 6 items on Shopee to relax to the max in the living room. These furniture and living room products should leave you some inspiration for decorating the living room you’ve always wanted!

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