6 ways to use Dividers in your home

When we decorate our homes, we often get swept up into the details of the walls, carpets, decorations, and accent pieces. In fact, very few of us pay attention to this exceedingly useful, yet seldom used element of your home: room dividers. The truth is, these pieces can be used in a variety of ways, and can even help you save space if you’re beginning to feel cramped! So here are just 6 new ways you can bring a room divider into your home today.

#1: Divider Walls (Space Saving)

image of divider wall

You may think erecting yet another wall in a room that is already cramped, for the purpose of saving space, is completely counterintuitive. But wait! Just look at the room above, and notice how this additional wall divider has been used. In this case, it actually provides additional shelf space, and an additional sturdy surface on which some extra seating places can rest.

In addition, the wall divider can help you separate your work area from your relaxation area, and so help you avoid getting distracted while working, or stressed while relaxing. For instance, you could place books on one side, and a TV on the other. Be completely focused on both work and play – whichever side of the wall you’re on.

#2: The Bookcase or Shelf Divider (Space Saving)

image of bookshelf divider

Bookcase dividers can go one of two ways. On one hand, a filled bookcase can provide an excellent screen to give you just that little bit of extra privacy in your room. This is especially useful if you live in a studio apartment, as this way, your bookcase nicely defines your bedroom from the rest of your home, plus it does not occupy precious wall space! This leaves more room for you to display art or mirrors on your wall, which can further give the illusion of a larger room!

On the other hand, the bookcase divider may not contain books at all, but instead, could provide a perfect space to hold the accent pieces of the room. For example, a bookcase could have a few potted plants to give your room a bright and airy feel, or it could be the perfect platform to display some lovely pieces of décor.

image of bookshelf
image of bookcase divider

#3: The Dressing Room Divider

image of dressing room divider

This may be a less conventional use of a room divider, but you can also use a lovely folding screen in a corner of your room to provide the privacy you need to get dressed each morning. This use of dividers is especially useful in studio apartments, and it is stylish, too!

#4: The Background Divider

image of room divider

The room divider can be functional, and it also be your chance to make an artistic statement! The one above forms a lovely tropical backdrop, and its bright colours can add vibrancy and life into the room. There is also, of course, the added novelty factor – you certainly don’t see many backdrops like these in Singapore!

#5: The String Divider

image of kitchen

The string divider may be slightly derivative of the more-traditional curtain, but they are all the rage today! This classy partition can help you find a perfect balance, providing both privacy and a sense that the two rooms are still connected. Of course, string dividers do require a fair amount of maintenance – be careful not to let the strings get entangled with one another!

#6: Partition Curtains

image of partition curtains

Ah yes … the traditional curtains. These are the classic and still one of the most popular forms of dividers today, especially since these are the only room dividers you can easily shift around. Curtains are perfect to give you a choice: simply draw the curtain to remove the makeshift partition between the two sides of your room when you don’t need it, and pull it over if you want some privacy!