6 Ways to Use Fairy Lights for Your Decor

A home makeover does not need to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time. We are going to look at one of the simplest ways to jazz up the look and feel of your home, especially when night falls – using fairy lights! You can purchase them for really cheap at any general online store and put them up in no time. Plus, you’ll have fun putting it up, so it makes a good weekend activity with the family.

If your home runs a rustic theme or you have little ones that would like a night light in their room, fairy lights make good decor incorporation.

Making Dreams Come True

Fairy lights in your bedroom wall
Image from Futurist Architecture

Realise your dreams by professing them using fairy lights. Use cable clips to create the text you want hung. With words, the possibilities are endless. You could also opt to design an image on the wall too. With these stars illuminating your wall, your bed does not need a headboard.

fairy lights as your hanging wall gallery
Image from Tip Hero

Create a photo wall and illuminate it by clipping pictures and polaroids. Switch them up according to the seasons. Attach pegs in between the bulbs and zig-zag it to adjacent ends of the wall, and that is it – your illuminated photo wall!

Viva la Diva

fairy lights for your mirror decor
Image from BuzzFeed

YouTubers have ring lights, and you can have your makeshift superstar mirror by placing fairy lights around the rim of your mirror. It is flattering and will help with your self-esteem when you are feeling a little bummed out. It’s not just for the women, some men like it too!

Light the Lamps

fairy lights in a jar
Image from Lights.com

Christmas is still a few months away, but you can always prepare early. For those homes with not enough space for a tree, that does not mean you ignore the decor. Get creative with fairy lights. Use tinsels, garlands, and ornaments to shape your tree on the wall with fairy lights.

Fairy Christmas

fairy lights as a christmas decoration
Image from Futurist Architecture

Christmas is still a few months away but you can always be prepared. For those homes with not enough space for a tree, that does not mean the festivities and decor cannot be done. Get creative with fairy lights. Use tinsels, garlands and ornaments to shape your tree on the wall with fairy lights.

Back to Nature

fairy lights with nature vibes
Image from Brit.co

For subtle, more “mature” decoration, twill fairy lights on thick dried branches and place them upright in a vase. No matter how minimalist your home is, a little fairy-light glam will accentuate the homeliness of your space.

There you have it, six ways to elevate your home decor game using fairy lights. We hope you are inspired to add a little magic to your home.

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