7 Living room ideas to inspire you – Renovation In Singapore

The living room is the place where homeowners entertain guests and so it should serve to impress. On the other hand it is also the place where you and your family lounge and bond, so it should also reflect your lifestyle and be of a certain cosy level.

There are many ways to spruce up your living room from choosing the right colours, adding textures, getting the home decor, to adding accents such as a wall or an accessory.

The interior design styles are also favouring bohemian styles, maximalism and the fusion of more than one style, such as mixing modern with country. We round up seven examples of living rooms with interesting attractive décor to inspire you.

Choose the right colour

Modern and clean living room

The trend now are pastel colours such as mint green, baby blue and pale pink. These muted colours go very well with a minimalistic Scandinavian theme.

The pastel colours are soothing and great for this apartment done up by YOU Home Design. The colours match the light-coloured wood elements such as the TV panel, coffee table and shelves.

Zen like Japanese style

Sometimes, you don’t have to follow blindly what the craze is now. This Japanese style interior walks its own path in terms of interior design style incorporating space, whites and neutrals. Light coloured wood also works for this Japanese inspired style.

Go Bold

bold living room

This classic modern living room bedazzles with a bold design, by using dark coloured sofas, an accent wall as well as a rustic looking flooring. Solid patterns as used in the cushions and carpet are also trendy additions.

Choose the right furniture

Minimalist living room

Using the right furniture can make a whole world of difference. This townhouse uses a set of velvety sofa which is all the rage now, to up the luxury factor of this predominantly white décor. Classic white is used in this modern interior to create a spacious, classy look.

Contemporary no frills look

Contemporary living home

If you favour the no frills, contemporary look here is an example. The designer uses neutrals such as black, white, beige and brown. The sofas are also in clean curves.

The furniture follows clean lines as shown by the TV cabinet in the foreground. Black also is a predominant colour with the cushion, coffee table and decor all draped in this colour.

Go Bohemian

Bohemian Living Room
Credit: katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Another trend you can try is Bohemian décor. It simply means adding textures and patterns in forms of wicker furniture, faux rugs, and bringing in nature to your décor.

As pictured above, you can place potted plants to give a sense of greenery to your home. Geometric cushions also belong and you can even marry Scandinavian décor with Bohemian by using wood themed furniture.

Go modern rustic

Modern and rustic living room
Credit: Mil Design & Construction

You can recreate that unfinished rustic look with colours like grey. Here Mil Design & Construction does it with a grey washed carpet and grey sofa as well as full length grey curtains.

The look however is modern contemporary with the addition of marble in the form of a coffee table and TV panelling. Navy and yellow are added to brighten the look.

So now you can ponder about the look you want: from simple to modern looks or a fusion look, the decision lies with you.

If you are concerned about functionality you can divide your living room into different sections using furniture such as by having a reading couch, or adding an area of tables and chairs for children.

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