7 Tips to Create, & Maximise your Space-Constraint Home

Bench Space!

Image of shoe storage bench

A little touch for your daily in & out. Providing you with the space where you can comfortably put on your shoes before heading out or a small space for you to take a breath to relax prior reaching your comfort zone.

Meanwhile, under the bench, it can host your daily wears and providing convenience.

Platform Bed

Image of platform bed

Platform beds have been increasingly popular for the minimalist or zen style that has been in trend. It can be practical as it concealed storage below the bed, instead of collecting dust.

Fun fact: another benefit of platform beds are that they are perfect for memory foam mattress as they provide a firm and supportive sleeping surface.

Featured Wall

Image of living room feature wall

A small sacrifice to go a long way, by creating ceiling-high cabinets.

Behind this eye-catching feature, the wall is a wall of concealed storage, and have your unsightly electrical appliances or wiring hidden.

With the mirror, you will be able to create an illusionary spacious look for the living room.

Sliding Door

Image of sliding doors

Sliding door minimises the space required as compared to a traditional door. Functionally, they are big space savers.

With a modern and clean barn door, it provides a polished look matching the overall theme of the home.

Nesting Tables

Image of nesting tables
Credits: Goodview

Nesting tables are a space saver as compared to the coffee table, which is stationed at the area, not allowing you to create more space when required.
Nesting tables can be stacked and stow away when not required. Plus point, you will be able to extend tablespaces if required, alternative you can easily stack them as your living room’s side table; creating a bigger space for your living room to cater to a larger number of guests.

Bathroom Cabinets

Image of bathroom storage cabinet

Top tier Bathroom storage cabinets are a “must” for keeping your toiletries and bathroom essentials tidy and organised. A hanging cabinet can be perfect for maximizing any tiny bathroom.

Including a bottom tier storage cabinet to “hide” the water pipes to maintain the ecstatic of your bathroom, while you can store cleaning materials too.

Bar Table

Image of bar table

Thinking you might not have enough space for a dining table or will underutilized the dining area? A Bar Top can just be the solution for you! It can act as a divider between the kitchen and the common area while allowing light to come in and create a more “spacious” look. As well as, creating a dining area with the space available.

Above are our 7 ways to create and maximise your home space. If you will love to explore for more innovative and unique ways to create and maximise space, feel free to contact an interior designer for more suggestions or assist you to develop your own unique way!