7 Top Picked Interior Designers in Central Singapore

By Admin , Jan 12, 2022
7 Top Picked Interior Designers in Central Singapore

We all know that Singapore is a very cosmopolitan city. But what we don't realize is the diversity of architecture and design within this tiny island- nation. It's not just skyscrapers and high rises, but also villas and bungalows, industrial buildings, or heritage homes with their restored features to make them more comfortable for modern living.

Every home has its own character, whether it be funky, cool, or traditional charming. And if you are looking to purchase one in Singapore, there are many options available for you to choose from.

If you're looking for an interior designer in Central Singapore, we have you covered! We've picked out 7 top-rated designers who will take your project from start to finish.  Whether you need a full house renovation or just a few tweaks to your office space, these professionals will be able to help.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at their services and find the perfect one for you today!

Below are 7 top picks located in Central Singapore:

1.    Arete Culture

Arete Culture is an interior design service that specializes in quick, low-cost, and hassle-free house makeovers. They believe in designing rooms that are both attractive and useful, allowing clients to feel at ease. 

2.    Starry Homestead

Starry Homestead offers a variety of interior design styles and ideas to help you make your home's interior more practical and appealing. Design's objective with Starry Homestead isn't merely to alter a space but to inspire the people who live there.

3.    Interior Design Journey Pte Ltd

With the art of home décor and style, Interior Design Journey is devoted to increasing your well-being. Interior Design Journey believes that a well-organized, well-thought-out, and trendy room will not only look good but will also improve your attitude, positivism, drive, and happiness.

4.    The Local INN.terior

The Local INN.terior strives to build on existing structures of human inventiveness to make spaces better for living as a young team of creatively-fueled individuals. They create unique spaces that are both fresh and modern, as well as practical and useful. They are devoted to assisting you in the development of a variety of various settings, whether it's your dream house, a productive workplace, or the composition of an appealing shopfront.

5.    Vantage Design

Studio Vantage Design Studio is a full-service design studio specializing in residential and boutique commercial projects. They can help with everything from entire furniture and stylistic design to new construction or remodels, and they help with all parts of a project from start to finish.

6.    DAP Atelier

DAP Atelier (Desirable Aesthetic Projects) strives to produce and construct rooms that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. They gather all of the information from all parties involved and skillfully executing it into an engaging and everlasting space.

7.    Design Intervention Singapore

Design Intervention Singapore method is one-on-one, scientific, and multimodal. They go beyond aesthetics to create homes that are joyous, sensuous, and livable, inspiring the intellect, soothing the body, and nourishing the spirit. They personalize each project to the specific needs and desires of each homeowner, assisting them in harnessing the power of their house for happier, healthier lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in Central Singapore?

This will depend on how complicated your project may be and what services you would like them to provide (if any). You should try contacting an interior designer about your project and ask them directly! That way, they will be able to give you a quote that best suits your needs.

(Q) What is included in the service of an interior designer?

This will depend on who you work with but generally speaking architects or designers can help with space planning, material selection, furniture selection, and full house renovation.

(Q) What are some common misconceptions about interior designers that I should know?

Some people think that interior designers only do big projects like whole house renovations or office space but it isn't true! Interior designers can help you with just about anything you might need whether it is for your home or commercial establishment! The client's needs come first at all times!

  • Green design (sustainable architecture & sustainable interior design) 
  • Show flats (for real estate agents to use as examples of their work)
  • Office spaces 
  • Family homes (interior design for small or large families)
  • Restaurants/cafes (interior design to make your space more inviting and comfortable for customers!)
  • Hotels/guesthouses (interior design to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they step in!)
  • Boutiques (interior design to help showcase your products in the best light possible!)
  • Event planning (interior design for events, exhibitions, and weddings!)
  • Auxiliary services (Carpentry, plastering, and more)

(Q) What are the benefits of having an interior designer to design your home/office space?

The experience, expertise, and creativity that come with hiring an interior designer to mean that you can take advantage of plans or concepts that you might not know to exist! You also needn't worry about trying to explain what it is exactly what you want because your professional will listen carefully and understand your needs!

An experienced interior designer not only knows how to bring out the best in any space but they'll be able to give advice on trends for this year or designs that could work well with other things in your house (such as layout)


In this blog post, we have discussed the benefits of hiring an interior designer as well as some of the top Interior design companies in Central Singapore to choose from!

If any of these sounds like a good fit for your needs and budget, don't hesitate to reach out to them today! They would be more than happy to discuss their services with you and answer all questions that come up.

You can also contact us if you need help finding one company or another; our team is always ready and waiting with advice on how best to work with each company based on what they specialize in.


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