7 Ways To Save Money On Renovation

February 27th 2020

Your new home is ready and you are excited about getting the renovation work done so that you can move in. Besides picking your favourite design theme, the next thing you would usually do is to set a renovation budget.

Then you may start surfing online for renovation ideas and the furniture to go along with it. Before you know it, the items you have picked might burst your initial budget set aside for the renovation packages.

Knowing this, you may unrealistically, still on hold to the budget for your now newly expanded design idea, thinking that you might be able to make some changes in the renovation plan to accommodate your budget.

This is not the safe way to go if you are looking to save money for your home renovation. To be able to save money on your home renovation, you must be able to control your budget and these are 7 ways you can consider to cut costs.

Decide on your budget & stick to it

  • Plan your budget carefully & diligently.
  • Create an excel sheet if you must and put down the costs for the items you have in mind.
  • Go to online apps to find the estimated costs of hacking, masonry, carpentry, electrical and piping works.

With your budget in hand, stick to it. But also keep some extra money aside for last minute contingency plan. You never know what might come up in the midst of the renovation.

Research & pick your renovation partner

  • Do your research on renovation forums and speak with others who have been there before.
  • Whether you are looking for an ID firm or a contractor to do your home renovation, a recommendation from others go a long way.
  • To safeguard yourself, you should still check that the renovation company you hired is a legit business and go through their portfolio and make all the query you can, to find out which firm you are most comfortable working with.
  • Make sure to make a detailed comparison of the quotes as well.

Shop for your own materials

To get a tighter control on your renovation expenditure, it makes sense to either accompany your ID or go shop on your own for items such as light switches, paints and bathroom fixtures

Not only are you able to pick what you want, you can also look out for alternatives that you are comfortable with that helps you with cost savings.

Don’t forget, you can also plan your purchases such that it coincides with sale dates such as the Great Singapore Sale, Cyber Monday or Christmas.

Draw ideas from others

The internet is the best and easiest place to source for ideas. There are many ways you can find on the internet to save money while being creative with home designs without breaking your bank.

Cost-saving design themes

If you know from the start that you have a tight budget to work with, make sure to find design themes that suit your budget. For example, a minimalistic look is far easier and cheaper to renovate than a home with a baroque or opulent design.

Speak with your ID or contractor on materials to fulfill the theme, and that lasts so that it can save you costs in the future.

Reuse, refurbish & recycle

Look out for reused furniture, which you can refurbish from expat forums – they often give away or sell their used furniture for a good price.

If the furniture is still new, you just need to clean it or refurnish them to give it a new look.

If your new space come with brick walls or old tiles, discuss ways to refurbish them with your ID.

In with the new, out with the old

It’s time to dig out the things you have no more use for and to sell them on Carousell or any other outlets. The money can go towards purchasing new furniture. Another way to get items for your new home is to invite your friends to a housewarming party and let them know the items you still lack for your new home.

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