A Contemporary Design That Breathes Life Into The Entirety Of The Home

This newly renovated 3-room HDB flat by In2space not only has a beautiful contemporary design which flows and breathes life into the entirety of the home, but has also been matched equally with functionality and elegance. Not withstanding the space constraints which come with newer BTO flats, Sabrina has managed to maximize every bit of space available so much so that you forget you are in a HDB flat. Anteroom

In2space functional and elegant living room

This starts when you enter the anteroom. The luxurious marble floor reflects the panel of white lights from the ceiling, which brightens the room and creates a sense of greater depth, and an illusion of a much bigger area. The long panel of lights also gives an indirect lighting to the area, which reduces the harshness from the reflection, yet brings life to the whole room. The lack of fixtures in the ceiling gives the area a minimalist feel, presenting a very ‘clean’ and clutter free area. This makes the whole ante room look much larger than it actually is. Living Room

In2space anteroom and main living room

There is also a visual connection between the anteroom and the main living room. From the moment you enter, you are instantly drawn to the warm and inviting tones in the living area, and away from the vacuum of minimalism in the anteroom. In the living room, the wood-grain design of the console blends seamlessly with the other textures present in the carpet and the sofa. These ‘woody’ designs give a sense of warmth, and a homey feel to the area, which invites guests to have a seat and unwind on the sofa. The custom-built TV shelf is also a place where home-owners can display their collections, whether art or collectables, and show them off to their guests. Dining Area

In2space dining area

The dining area has been set just behind the sofa, with the sofa serving as a subtle divider between the dining and living room areas. Here, the contemporary designs are very evident. With a solid wood table top, and the palm-leaf art pieces hanging just behind on the wall, this room truly pays homage to Nature. The design of this room is continuous with that in the main living room area. This creates a sense of continuity and harmony throughout this area of the house, which deepens the relaxing ambiance and creates a harmonious atmosphere for meals. Kitchen

In2space non-slip kitchen tiles

In the kitchen, the flooring changes from the bright shiny marble to a duller and rougher surface. The differences show the distinction between the area of relaxation and unwinding, and a more serious part of the house where work is done. The tiling of the floor has also been made to be non-slip, improving the safety of the kitchen. You may also notice that the design has shifted from contemporary to modern-minimalist; The entire counter top is void of electrical appliances, and the oven and microwave has been integrated into the wall next to the fridge. This placement makes it incredibly convenient when taking things out to defrost or to heat up in the microwave. It also declutters the counter top beside the stoves, leaving more room for food preparation. The black marble top makes the counter look clean and chic, while remaining heat resistant and easy to maintain. At this point, you may also notice that two different types of lighting are used in this room: the main light is a white ceiling light which lights up the whole room, while the counter top uses a much less glaring orange light which is easier on the eyes when preparing food, yet still bright enough to provide sufficient lighting. Bathrooms

In2space modern-minimalist deisng bathroom

These bathrooms are sure to impress. Here, the modern-minimalist design is used once again to give these rooms the feeling of elegance and luxury. The black marble tops contrast against the pearly white sinks and make the design even more eye catching. The large mirrors also complement the design, giving the bathrooms a feeling of greater depth thereby serving to artificially enlarge the room. Bedroom

In2space platform bed with floor-to-ceiling cupboards

Finally, we get to the bedroom. The platform bed with floor-to-ceiling cupboards cleverly maximizes the space in the room. The flooring, cupboard and platform bed use another type of wood-grain distinctly different from those used in the kitchen and the living area. The different types of woodgrain throughout this design give a sense of harmony and continuity throughout the house, creating connectivity between each part of the home and giving a warm feel throughout