A dramatic and chic home transformation

March 1st 2023

A dramatic and chic home transformation by SHE Interior 

This unassuming home in Tampines may seem like your average HDB flat from the outside but once you step inside the home, you’ll be greeted with a jaw-dropping home that is the very definition of comtemporary and chic. Done by SHE Interior, you’ll be hooked by how artistic this home is and how the designers managed to bring such an intense and dramatic atmosphere with certain interior design choices.

The living room looks simple enough. The glossy white floor tiles, venetian blinds and TV mount are all quintessential components of any home. But, what makes this living room so different is the added detail of a deep blue wall at the back.

This adds a whole new dimension to the space by contrasting such a bright and clean space with something deeper and more intense. This creates a dramatic and slightly moody atmosphere that looks like it is straight out of an interior design catalogue. The living room is minimally decorated in order to create the illusion of a very large space.

The shelving display units are also artistically decorated with unique structures and books that give it an IKEA showroom-esque look.

The dining table is situated right in front of this dynamic backdrop and also next to the windows. This creates a conducive environment for dinner parties and casual conversations.

From this angle, you can admire the professional choices that were made by a team of experts. There are so many textures and colours and yet, they are rooted in the same concept and aesthetic that allows them to come together nicely to create a complete picture.

An interesting feature of this home would be this customised piece that might seem disparate on its own but fits in very nicely to the overall look of the living room. This standing mini island combines the wooden panels and deep blue colour that serves as a statement piece in the space.

The kitchen revolves around a more intimate setting with the marbled backsplash providing a classy backdrop for the wooden cabinets above and below it.

The kitchen is a cosy space that has everything within reach and sufficient counterspace for cooking. The wooden floor panels also have a unique pattern that provides a more visually stimulating effect.

Intense and intimate are the best ways to describe the bedroom. We see the same deep blue colour, which we first saw in the living room. The display cabinet next to the large, comfortable bed, along with the dark wood, elevates the classiness of the space. 

The bathroom looks like one from a 5-star hotel. The herbaceous wall decorations integrate seamlessly with the dark industrial tiles, to create a unique look.

The shower area is demarcated with glass panels and has dark wooden tiles, unlike the rest of the bathroom. This alleviates the cognitive burden on the viewer by visually separating the space. While the bathroom may not be that large, the designers have truly amplified the space with well thought-out choices.

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