A Full Compilation Of Dos & Don’ts For Phase 2

Yay! I bet many are feeling the excitement of heading out for late-night suppers, meeting your group of friends, going down to your favourite gym or swimming pool or even dining at your favourite restaurants! However, let’s not get complacent and forget about some basic measures we need to adhere too!

Below, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on what you can DO and CANNOT do during Phase 2! Remember to keep all these points in your head all the time!


  • Retail businesses can open their physical stores
  • Food & Beverage Dine-in option is allowed
  • Liquor sales and consumptions ceased at 10.30pm
  • Social gathering of not more than 5 people
  • A household can allow 5 visitors at 1 time
  • Tuition & other private enrichment classes can resume
  • All healthcare, including elder care services can resume
  • Face to face visits at elderly residential facilities like nursing or welfare homes can resume
  • Sports, parks and public facilities (Swimming pool, stadiums, beaches, playgrounds, hard courts, gyms, fitness studios, bowling centres) can resume
  • Personal health and wellness, home-based services can also resume
  • Pet care & training is allowed
  • Registered clubs and societies are allowed to operate
  • Wedding solemnization can take place with up to 10 people
  • Students of all levels will return to school daily from 29th June
  • Branches and customer service locations will progressively reopen
  • Financial institutions will be allowed to resume in-person meetings with customers on an appointment basis
  • Property viewing & test drives are allowed
  • Carpool services through BOOKING PLATFORM will be allowed
  • Wakes and funerals will be allowed but cap at 20 pax


  • Live music, television and video screening is not allowed in F&B outlets
  • Singing & voice training classes not allowed.
  • Religious services & congregations
  • Large cultural venues like libraries and museums
  • Large scale events & venues like concerts, exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Entertainment venues like bars, nightclubs, karaoke outlets, cinemas
  • Paintball game centres and billiard halls
  • All common play areas for children, toddlers, and infants in retail stores or malls must be closed.
  • rugby, rucks, mauls, lineouts or scrums and tackling are not allowed.

Retail Businesses

  • Practice safe distancing
  • Safe entry contact tracing
  • Avoid trying on clothes
  • Do not use make-up testers and other test kits
  • Visit stores/beauty parlours that clean & disinfect products and commonly used surfaces and spaces regularly.
  • Avoid unnecessary conversations
  • Retail stores must clearly demarcate queue lines for customers at entrances, cashier counters, weighing counters, fitting rooms and other areas where required.
  • All malls, large stand-alone stores, supermarkets and stores providing beauty services must conduct temperature screening and checks on visible symptoms for customers.
  • All working staffs must wear mask at all times
  • Refrain from serving food and beverages to customers and remove shared items such as magazines and newspapers. 

Dining In

  • Maintain at least a 1m distance between diners and tables
  • Sanitise tables and chairs regularly
  • Do not share food and, if you must, use serving spoons and forks
  • Do away with buffets that tend to attract long queues
  • Reduce the risk level by dining with household members
  • If you must dine with friends, keep the meal short
  • Patrons should continue to sit only at unmarked seats and tables when dining at the hawker centres.
  • Automated hand sanitizers dispensers will be installed in hawker centres and markets
  • check-in and out using the SafeEntry QR codes placed at each centre


  • Use a mask when not in the pool or showering
  • Go when the pool is less crowded and, if possible, go alone
  • Avoid the changing rooms and shower at home when possible
  •  Ensure that the facility management follows cleaning and disinfection protocols strictly

Indoor & Outdoor Sports

  • Include gyms, badminton courts & fitness centres
  • Regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces and common equipment
  • Avoid activities in large groups
  • Regular Covid-19 testing for players in team sports, which would also help to mitigate cross-team infections
  •  Proper ventilation of indoor facilities
  • The operating capacity of these facilities is restricted to 10 sq m per person or a maximum of 50 people per facility.
  • Group activities are limited to no more than five participants and if there is more than one group sharing a space, the groups should not interact with each other and must be 3m apart.
  • Sharing of equipment such as weights and basketballs should be avoided
  • Operators of sports facilities must appoint a safe management officer to ensure compliance with measures.
  • sports and recreation facilities must also implement SafeEntry for participants and visitors.
  • Combat sports that include judo, training and sparring will need to be modified so that there is no prolonged here is no prolonged body contact such as grappling or restraining.


  • Parents should ensure that older children use masks
  • Avoid crowded playgrounds
  • Sanitise children’s hands before, during and after playing

Tution and other private enrichment centres

  •  Implement additional safety measures, including reducing class sizes and rescheduling some lessons.
  • Private or home-based tuition, and piano, dance and drama lessons are examples of classes that can resume with the reopening.
  • School is providing free masks for those who need replacements and a closed disposal bin for used masks.

Nursing homes

  • Allowed to have one visitor a day for up to 30 minutes
  • Visitors will be screened before entry, and should not visit the homes if unwell.
  • The total number of visitors allowed daily in a home will also be capped through appointments
  • additional precautionary measure such as dedicated visitation areas or safe distancing precautions will be in place
  • Senior-centric activities like computer classes and health talks, and will be kept small with safe distancing measures in place.
  • Daycare services at most senior care centres and active ageing hubs will resume on June 29

Beaches, parks and other recreational facilties

  • Limiting groups to just five people
  • Preschool group of up to 10 students with two staff members will also be permitted in gardens and parks
  • having picnics and recreational games will be permitted

Above are some of the measures that you need to take note when engaging in the different activities! Although it’s good news that Singapore is slowly going back to business, but as a citizen, we have our responsibility to adhere to the measures and ensure that the infected rates remain low.

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