A great style with a ‘wow’ factor

Have your home dripping in luxury with some of the latest and greatest styles. Dressed to impressed, this home has been designed to show off and really have that ‘wow’ factor from the moment you walk in. With some of the most eye-catching highlights and stunning interiors, the modern contemporary style has been elevated to shine and amaze.

Starting with the living room, the motifs of gold laced across the entire façade make the room shine and sparkle. Draped with such opulence, the room looks like a scene straight out of a Hollywood penthouse. Gold has such a peculiar look to it that instantly you become mesmerized at its beauty. Yet the home avoids looking tacky and ostentatious as the gold is merely an accompanying colour to the rich royal blue and ivory backdrop. The combination of these two luxurious colours makes the room pop with excitement and class.

The tastefully chosen ‘chandelier’ is a modern touch to this classic symbol of wealth and glamour. With hundreds of warm yellow lights, the soft glow from this light feature brightens up the room even more as the other orange lights complement the gold motifs which run across the room.

Goodview minimalist kitchen

The kitchen is an area which carries an understated beauty to it. Shifting the focus to a minimalist style, the kitchen is kept neat and tidy, just as it should be, without any gaudy additions it. The glossy whit finishes across the counter and cupboards pair well with the quiet motif of gold, which has been almost inconspicuously added in the form of the lights. The white marble dazzles under the soft lighting and the kitchen carries an air of elegance and grace even with its simplicity.

Goodview pocket of space

Most homes have those little pockets of space which are too small for you to do anything with, but a waste to leave empty. Making the most of the space, even the landings of this house have been expanded slightly so they become usable in size. With a massage chair and some aromatherapy, the enclave becomes a relaxation haven, a quick escape from worries before you head off to bed.

Goodview luxurious bathroom

The bathroom is another stunner in this home. With a focus on luxurious living, just entering the bathroom will make you feel the grandiosity of this home. Spacious and bright, the bathroom is anything but claustrophobic. With some of the most magnificent marble, each unique tile adds character and depth to this space as it oozes with luxuriance.

The roof terrace is another spot you can’t miss in this home. Perfect for gatherings and parties, the space was designed for lounging and partying. With space for a barbeque pit, deck chairs and even a sofa and table, the roof is the perfect get-together for larger groups. The alfresco dining lets you have an intimate setting for friends and family as you celebrate those special occasions. With that in mind, the roof has chosen a warmer palette. With a mix of caramel and cream, the atmosphere is warmer and more casual than the rest of the home, and this makes the space more comfortable for those bigger and rowdier types of gatherings.

Each bedroom has been designed with a greater emphasis on relaxation rather than luxury. The gold and marble have been shed and instead, warmer textures and materials have been chosen to replace them. With wooden parquet and shot orange lighting, the rooms carry a more muted colour combination, this helps to quieten the mind as you prepare for bed and rest. The rooms also come with their own lounging area, perfect for those lazy days when you just want to stay in the room.

With more muted tones and pastel colours, the bedrooms are more relaxing. Yet the luxury has not been lost, with recessed television panels and exquisite bathrooms attached, each room carries its own sense of glamorous living.

The master bedroom is no exception. With a parquet floor unique to this room and a larger dedicated lounging space, the room is not only visually appealing, but is also able to lift your spirit. The much larger room makes for a perfect family get together space for those family nights together.

The open closet style is also a relatively new trend in interior designs. Taking inspiration from Korean and Japanese minimalist living, the aim of this is to force you to keep your closet neat and tidy (and to get rid of all the unnecessary clothes you aren’t using anyways.

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