A Hairdressing Heaven: White Salon by Todz’Terior

January 18th 2023

A Hairdressing Heaven: White Salon by Todz’Terior 

Salons these days are paying more attention to their interior design because it sends a message to their customers about the company brand and image. Gone are the red brick walls with random posters, now we often see sleek salon interiors that are often classy and elegant. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the salon then you might not have a clue about what I’m referring to. 

But, to give you a really good example would be White Salon. It is a boutique-style salon located in Bugis that have raving customer reviews. A part of the customer experience comes from the interior of the salon itself, which you will see is beautifully designed.

When you first step into the salon, you’ll notice that it’s brightly lit. This is of course important for the hairdressers to have a good look at their customers’ hair conditions. It also creates a welcoming atmosphere that serves to calm you down if you’re nervous about any impending hair changes. Also, true to the salon’s name, the walls are covered in a unique off-white brick pattern.

Each hairdressing space has ample space so you, as a customer, won’t feel crammed and the hairdressers have enough space to maneuver around you. The chairs are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable which are the 2 most important factors that Todz’Terior clearly considered when deciding on the chairs. 

As you’re seated, you have a large borderless mirror that gives you a seamless view of your haircut / treatment process. This also creates a chic look as the outer edges of the mirrors have a black lining that contrasts nicely against the white background. 

Certain hair treatments or cuts can take up to a few hours. Todz’Terior designed it such that the environment is dynamic enough for you to have things to look at throughout this time. Having a bright environment can make time feel as if it is passing faster so you won’t feel bored too quickly. That is why they have artfully placed certain decorations around the salon to make it more vibrant.


Another slightly obscured section is the hair washing station, which has been designed to look like a mini spa. Having your hair wash is often a very relaxing process. Todz’Terior expanded on this idea of relation and luxury by adding touches of green in this station. This is similar to certain spas which focus a lot on the element of nature.



Todz’Terior took the liberty of choosing interesting textures to make the entire salon look trendier and more exciting. A plain salon can appear to be dull and boring, which is unlikely to draw in many customers.

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