A HDB makeover with monochrome style and vibe.

Black and white, the two contrasting colours used to bring depth into any interior design. If you want to incorporate these two colours into your home, with a little grey as an in-between, be sure to engage an interior designer that holds that forte. In Singapore, we have Glamour Concept Design, an ID company that did a monochrome style in this unit in Fernvale.

They used sophisticated monochromes, weaving it with current neutrals to create a functional, minimalist home that anyone who hates clutter will absolutely fall in love with. Here, they prove that monochrome is far from boring, but an accent that can bring a room to life.

Foyer Area

glamour concept - foyer

In the majesty of marble flooring, white and black the dramatic stage is set upon entry. The white walls are contrasted with black track lighting in the ceiling and white cupboards lined with black edges. To expand the narrow walkway, mirrors are installed on the storage doors.

The grey front door is the mediator between the black and white. However, this shade for doors is now rising in popularity (yes, even in non-monochrome themed homes) because of its versatility and the many tones that can suit any colour theme.

Living Area

glamour concept - living area

When working with black and white, simplicity is key.

In this living room, the spaciousness brings you in to fill it. The highlight of the room is the television console flanked by a grey wall behind. It brings the visual focus to the television, minus the riot of colour.

We love a room filled with colour that complements the lifestyle of the owner, not seek to overwhelm it.

Kitchen Area

glamour concept - kitchen

Black and white reigns in the kitchen yet again. However, unlike the marble flooring in the living room, it is swapped with grey tiles, a similar shade to the television console.

However, what we absolutely love is the hexagonal tiles making the backsplash. They are coated with marble accents identical to the kitchen top and it heightens the classiness of this workspace.

This material is also much easier to clean as it is smooth and shiny.

White cabinetry is used for the upper kitchen cabinets to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Black cabinets of the bottom prove to be more stain resistant, because accidents do happen in the kitchen.

Bedroom Area

glamour concept - bedroom

If it’s going to be monochrome style, you can opt for matte or gloss. In this spacious bedroom, the owners opted for gloss and did the effect make an impression!

The cabinet presents a high-shine pearl white finish, with clean lines outlining selected door frames.

When introducing gloss surfaces, lighting is always crucial to bounce off the luminosity. The track lights and the open blinds of the window do just that.

Stepping away from the monochrome style, the parquet flooring introduced gives the room more texture.

Bathroom Area

glamour concept - bathroom

The bathroom was crafted quite simply, portraying an industrial character.

We see white subway tiles (rectangular, brick-like ceramic tile) line the walls of the bathroom, standing out against the black tiled flooring.

The mirror that reflects the back portion of the subway-tiled wall gives it a cool, distorted display.

Some might think adding more stuff to the bathroom (art frames, panels, creative lighting, etc.) may make it stand out more, but no. Most of the time, especially when it comes to monochrome designs, less is definitely more.

Did this home’s interior design convince you that monochrome for a home can be beautiful and liveable? It is not just reserved for massive halls and dull boardrooms.

If you love how this HDB was designed and wish to emulate it for your home, just head over to Glamour Concept’s profile on Renodots. They are experienced and highly regarded for their innovative designs. View their portfolio and drop them a line. At Renodots, you can ask for a quote – no strings attached!

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