A home decked in Victorian interior style by SHE Interior

November 18th 2020

When we saw this interior designed by She Interior, we knew we had to feature it. A mix of Victorian with modern elements, it is not an interior choice we see much these days in Singapore. If you didn’t know, the Victorian interior style borrows many elements from the architectural styles dating from mid to late 19th century, from the 1850s onwards. You’ll see a mix of wood and stone exterior, intricate shapes, decorative trims and textured walls surfaces.

What about modern?

Modern is a rather broad design term to identify a design frequently used, but in today’s concept, it is linked to a home with clean lines, neutral colour palettes and simplicity in design.

Put those two elements together and you’ll get a heaven and earth contrast. But She Interior has married both of these elements in one of their latest renovation projects.

Let’s have a look-see!

Open-Concept Living and Dining Room

She interior - open concept living and dining room

Enter the living room!

With so much natural lighting coming in from the balcony, there is no need to be afraid of colour. Check out the feature wall where the television is. Instead of a solid panel against the wall, there are wooden groove panelling flanked on both sides of the black gloss board. Then, just about where the television is propped, a marble background is used. This creates depth to the wall.

The wall adjacent to it reveals the opposite. Painted grey, the furnishings (check out the grey sofa lined with white trimmings) also match it, creating a seamless, one-colour canvas.

An item we really like in the living room is the stylish clear coffee table with a gold frame.

she interior - living room

From this angle, you can see the modern elements of the living room better.

The balcony is adorned with cane chairs and a round table that functions as a cosy nook for pleasant breakfast and romantic dinners. The high ceiling begins and ends at the living area, which is no biggie because it provides the perfect space for the chandelier to hang from over the dining table.

she interior - dining area

As you enter, you’ll notice that this unit has a pretty long layout and we are glad no space is wasted. The cabinet on the right mirrors the design of the feature wall in the living area, giving the design balance.

The recessed lighting at the dining area also acts as a continuum for the lighting as natural light does not bathe the space as brightly as the living area.

she interior - dining table

The white tabletop matches the flooring and the television console. If you were to take a shot from above, you’ll see similarities of how the designer uses angles to colour coordinate. On the left, the wall and furnishing are in grey. From the top, the flooring and furnishing surfaces are white.

she interior - kitchen with white countertop and brown cabinets

There are fewer Victorian elements in the kitchen as it is kept simple with a white kitchen top that matches the top cabinets and walls. The dry kitchen is meant for light cooking, as you probably would guess from the appliances used.

she interior - kitchen 2

For heavier cooking like sauteing, deep frying and frying on woks, the wet kitchen is where the magic happens. She Interior has fixed up a three hob stove that eases simultaneous cooking. It can get a little smokey here, with fumes rising up from what is being cooked. But don’t worry, because the cooker hood will direct it upwards. However, users must remember to open the window on the left to let the fumes out.

Even though it is a narrow space, using glossy white surfaces for cabinets reflect light, making the space less claustrophobic.

SHE Interior Design has shown us incorporating different themes can be done in a home. You don’t need to designate parts of your home for a certain theme. Some people also think that you can only have one type of design in a home. That’s not true.

Design is all about putting ideas out in real life! If you are interested to redesign your home by incorporating two themes that are opposites of each other, don’t doubt, you can always ask for advice from SHE Interior Design!

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