A home that features modern style with exquisite finishings

This newly designed home in Buangkok puts together sophistication with classic contemporary designs. The home features aspects of modern styles, creatively woven together to show some of the best and greatest furnishing designs.


Starting with the living and dining space, the wall just adjacent to the dining table uses a peculiar shade of granite to establish its place in the home. The copper and grey combine in a unique blend of striking colours and inspirational patterns.

The added texture to the wall gives the home even greater depth. The muted and decadent colours give the space a fantaisie like touch to it. With the fairy like colours of orange lightings and a rather creative take on the dining chairs, the dining space transforms into one of the most elegant dining areas that can be contained in a flat. Sitting beneath the elaborate chandelier, you quickly forget where you are as you enjoy a graceful dinner under a million lights.


How can you create the illusion of a larger home? A little counterintuitive for smaller spaces, but here the use of dividers actually helps to make the space look even bigger.

Instead of overlapping the dividers, the space is neatly segregated as the lines meet just exactly along the axes of the home. By not overlapping them, the room splits itself into a pattern that allows for unobstructed lines of sight, creating the illusion of an even bigger space. Plus, with one of the dividers bearing open shelves, the space created is even more vast in one’s mind.


It’s not often that you find the ceilings of the home to be well adorned but in this case, not detail was left out. With a careful selection of the colours of the home, wood was chosen for its natural gleam and hardy look. The inclusion of darker shades of wood creates a sensible masculinity throughout the home, adding a sense of strength and hardiness.

While the wooden accents add to the brilliance of the design, the inclusion of the wooden panels gives even more depth to the home. By adding layers and texture to this, the wall becomes akin to a minimalistic feature wall, something which well suits smaller homes. The feature wall adds excitement to the home, while still not taking up too much space, a key feature which is helpful in smaller apartments. With a splash of green, the artificial plant also lightens the mood of the room.

With the ceiling panelled with wood, the look of the room is completed, but spacing out the amount of wood around the room, the purposeful layering of the ceiling with vinyl  gives the home a warmer feel to it.


The kitchen has been designed to look good while being perfectly functional. With a long countertop the space is perfect for preparing and laying out of dishes ready to be served. The crystal-clear glass separating the living space from the kitchen is a cheeky way to again give the entire home greater depth as the space continues visually from the entrance all the way through.


With the bathroom, a mix of different natural elements makes the space look smart and refined. The au natural look is completed by mixing different aspects together. With the rough texture of the granite, the smooth wooden finishes of the cupboard, and a natural stone sink, the washbasin looks picture perfect. The on-counter washbasin is another great way to establish a chic look in this space as it creates a much larger looking counter top.


Finally, the master bedroom ties the entire home together. Taking inspiration from Western styles, the room makes use of the oversized carpet to make that warm and cosy look. With enough space on the side, a small lounging area has been created to allow for more options to unwind and relax in this private space.

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