A Maisonette With A Gorgeous Kitchen Layout.

By James Frankurt , Jul 28, 2020
A Maisonette With A Gorgeous Kitchen Layout.
Modern Contemporary kitchen and dining area

This beautiful maisonette is a gorgeous construct of modern contemporary design designed by Ovon Design. Closing out the second decade of the century, the design and style of this home reflect some of the latest and most successful trends over the past few years.

As we approach the next decade, some of the more popular choices in design and style have been used to a very successful degree here. With the wide range of colour palette, the colours are well suited for the warm and tropical climate.

With a base of white across the walls and ceilings, the cool and relaxing tone creates a comfortable environment in the midst of what is usually a hot and humid environment.

With this colour wrapping around the entire portion of the home at eye level and above, the home quickly becomes like an oasis, staying cool while still being bright as it reflects light all around the room. With this effect, the natural sunlight and the lighting fixtures in the home brighten up the interior as the light bounces comfortable from the walls into the viewers eyes.

Open loving room/kitchen concept

With an open living room/kitchen concept, the space opens up to a wide and welcoming entertaining space. The integration of the two areas allows for a comfortable and easy flow of movement between the spaces. Without clear separation of the two areas, the space retains a casual look to it.

Even better, the features of the room enhance the comfort of the space. Much like the white wrapped appearance, the use of teak and timber accents throughout the room help to localize the space. While it still keeps that cool and modern look to it, the extensive use of natural wood also helps to give the context of a luxury resort in the tropics. The barn door on the back wall adds a nice touch to the whole picture as it creates a quaint environment.

Laundry space

The laundry space has been kept within the home since there was a good amount of space left over. With the overhead hanging rack, laundry can be hung up in the home overnight to finish drying.

Ash grey and white living room

The living space n the home is also kept classy. With the dark theming, the contrast between the ash grey and whites make for a sophisticated, yet still comfortable look to it. With the recessed lighting spanning across the entire room, the area stays well lit, while still not glaring to the eyes.

The television panel is an integrated bar, a smart choice for the home as it combines the storage space and functionality of the display with the allure of such a well designed bar concept.

Soft parquet floor reading nook

No space in this home is wasted as even the landing of the stairs has been converted into a reading nook. Perfect for lounging and relaxing at the end of the day, the soft parquet floor even gives a comfortable feeling underfoot to help enhance that environment of relaxation and rest.

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