A Mediterranean Style That Wows

Designer: SHE Interior

Location: Bukit Batok St 21

There’s nothing quite as soothing as the look of a Mediterranean styled home. The classic style finds its roots from countries surrounding the area, with influences from Spain, Greece and Italy. This amalgamation of ideas and designs come together beautifully to create a theme that finds its beauty in integrating the exterior beauty of the home as part of the design of the interior. With a greater focus on natural colours and elements, the gorgeous landscape flows seamlessly into the home with ease.

While this style may not be as popular as other common styles of design, a Mediterranean styled home is sure to wow and impress guests. Not only that, but it fits perfectly with the landscape of Singapore. The focus on natural elements including the sky, lush greenery, the sea and more, wherever your home is located in Singapore, there will definitely be some natural elements you can tap on to beautify your home.

SHE Interior integrating natural lighting for living room

Starting with the living room, the biggest focus here is in integrating natural lighting into the room. The style classically includes large and open windows which removes any visual ‘restrictions’ on the external environment from appearing as part of the design. The large windows also make for a great source of natural light which compliments the wooden textures and elements in the room. True to the region, Mediterranean designs are also meant to help counter the warmer climates by having a more open design to promote airflow, something that’s very useful in our climate as well.

The use of wood is extensive in this home. The woody elements are another key feature of any Mediterranean styled home, one of the many ways they aim to bring nature inside the home. The fresh pastel coloured cushions on the sofa blend nicely with the naturally light tones from the parquet to liven up the room without causing any disruption to the overall theme.

SHE Interior clean and simple kitchen with neutral palette

Clean and simple, as a kitchen should be. Without any additional bells or whistles, the kitchen is easily kept neat and functional. The neutral palette gives the kitchen a classic look, nothing too loud, yet achieves a level of sophistication that comes with a thoughtful design.

One of the many ways this kitchen has been well thought through is how the drying rack doubles as a storage cabinet. Usually, drying racks can be an eyesore, with piles of dishes, cutlery and utensils all mixed up on the side of the sink while they dry. To avoid this, the drying rack has instead been put above the sink, allowing it to still drop directly into the sink, but keeps the usual mess out of sight as it becomes a pseudo-cabinet as well. Perfect for those commonly used bowls and plates so you don’t have to keep moving them too and from their shelves. 

SHE Interior classic Western influenced bedroom

The bedroom exudes classic Western influences. While the Mediterranean influence is less obvious here than it was in the living room, some of the key features still make an appearance here. Starting with the open shelves on the cupboards, the openness of the theme is yet again reflected here. Keeping the books easily accessible and the shelf as part of the design, the open-concept makes the room seem even more inviting and warm.

The furniture also has certain touches of Mediterranean influences to it. With rustic finishes on the night stand and the bed frame, it feels as though there’s a personal touch to the design and the concept. Breaking the convention of straight lines, the bedframe also makes use of curves and diagonals, taking away some of the seriousness to the room and making it look more playful and fun, a great way to design children’s rooms.

SHE Interior Mediterranean master bedroom with darker tones

The master bedroom is another area which has benefitted from the Mediterranean touch. Opting for a mix of darker tones, the look suits the larger and more spacious room. True to the design, the room puts its focus on integrating the natural elements as part of the concept. With a specially designed bedframe, the wooden outline is completed with soft gravel pile on the headboard, giving a tasteful touch to integrating the darker colours with the traditional approach of this style. The oversized curtains is another great touch to the room, the neutral grey colour pairs well with the darker shades within the room but on natural lighting, it brightens up even more, giving a lustrous gleam to the room.