A Minimalism & Mid-century Home

Designer: Laurus Design

A great take on minimalism and mid-century design, this newly renovated home puts the focus on stylish living while maximizing the space in available in this humble abode. Keeping the home clear of clutter and minimizing the amount of furniture, the expanded space available imbues the home with a sense of carefree bliss as the vastness is complimented with a mix of natural elements which brings the home to life.

There is no separation between the living and dining area, with a harmonious flow of movement across the entry of the home, the removal of restrictions makes the space appear even wider and makes it feel even more calming. The warm elements, from the wooden parquet floor, to the dining table, makes the home feel even more inviting and welcoming. With a neural palette, the natural elements come together in synchrony to make an atmosphere of zen and relaxation.

Laurus Design natural dining area

Putting more than just natural elements, the home goes even further by incorporating plants as part of the design process. The pop of colour helps to liven the mood while still keeping the tranquillity of the design.

Laurus Design clean and sleek tv display

The living space is wide, with lots of room between the sofa and the wall, giving a huge amount of walking space. In choosing not to have a coffee table, the available space is maintained and kept clutter free. With a built-in television console, the display stays clean and sleek, with all the wirings and connections hidden from sight, allowing the space to remain neat

Laurus Design tungsten lighting at dining area

The dining area has been kept unassuming, keeping meals casual and light hearted. The tungsten lighting helps to make this area stand out from the rest of the room, with a spotlight of yellow, it has a quiet yet noticeable position.

The glass doors of the kitchen lets it appear as an open kitchen, but still lets you keep the smells and fumes from cooking away from the rest of the home.

Laurus Design modern design style kitchen

Following a more modern design style, the kitchen is kept clear of clutter and chaos once again. With clean lines and basic shapes from top to bottom, the polished surfaces gleam under the light making everything seem sharp and neat.

Laurus Design glossy marble wall and neutral kitchen

With a glossy marble wall and a neutral palette, the kitchen is perfectly suited for easy cooking, creating a very comfortable setting for day to day use.

Laurus Design workspace with closed cabinets

Converting one of the bedrooms into a study, the workspace has been divided to two, with the table stretching right across the room, there’s sufficient space for 2 or even more people to be using the area. A mix of open and closed cabinets allows for items and books to be put on display, and also gives space for easy storage, especially for loose papers or notes.

The design puts a very large focus on nature, with each room having its own live plant. Money Plants area great indoor plants, being able to be planted directly in water, you won’t have to worry about soiling your rooms with dirt, the plant also does great with artificial lighting, so you won’t have to worry too much about it.

Laurus Design cupboards

If one room of cupboard space isn’t enough, you can always make use of a shared room like this home. With so much unused space on the side, it would have been a waste not to make the most of it. These cupboards can be great storage for seasonal, or less often used clothing like winter wear, or luggage.

Laurus Design bedroom with display rack

Another room which has been designed with simplicity in mind, the open shelves do great for a simple display rack.

Laurus Design white marble and bathroom

White marble and bathrooms are a classic match which go perfectly together all the time. The white marble keeps the bathroom looking swanky and clean, giving the room a much brighter look to it. The larger bathroom cupboard has been fit with mirrors all the way across it which makes it look even brighter.

Laurus Design master bedroom with full length cupboards

Finally, the master bedroom completes the home. With few installations, the floor space has been conserved, allowing the room to appear even bigger. With full length cupboards, the storage space has been maximized while still saving enough space for a large bed.

Laurus Design small table space by bed

A small table space by the bed side gives plenty of options for use, from a quick work station, to a display table, to a vanity area. The table is versatile and doesn’t take up too much space, yet adds balance to the room and its intentional asymmetry.