A Natural Beauty Home Interior

March 7th 2023

A Natural Beauty Home Interior 

Ovon Design should be a familiar name for all interior design enthusiasts. By now, they have accumulated an extensive number of impressive home interior projects for all to see. The designers have shown great creativity, versatility and craftsmanship that can transform any plain and boring home into a stunning residential space.


This home located along Magaret Drive is just another example of how skillful the designers at OVon Design are.



Before you even step foot into the home, you are greeted by the refreshing and comforting sight of vibrant plants decorating the entrance of the home. The sleek black door grills and show rack blend in seamlessly with the bright green hues to create a contemporary, welcoming look.


Living room 


This gorgeous living room features more captivating plants that both complement the neutral colour palette of the room, as well as liven up the space. The living room is minimally decorated in order to give the illusion of a bigger space as well as to prevent the room from looking cluttered.


The living room appears to have some Scandinavian style influences but is also rather muted in terms of colour choices and vibrancy. To create a calming atmosphere, the designers seem to have chosen a more muted palette that is more relaxing.




Dining room 


The dining area is a cozy and intimate extension of the kitchen and is situated right next to the living room. This convenient placement allows you to easily move between spaces.



You can enjoy your meals with a clear view of the television in the living room if you were grabbing a quick snack before work or school. Or, if you happen to have guests around, the close proximity allows you to converse while preparing meals.



The mini bar / pantry allows plenty of space for silverware, cutlery and loose appliances that may otherwise lie disparately in the kitchen. The extra storage / display case is definitely much appreciated in most homes. 



The kitchen extension helps to compensate for the rather limited kitchen space. The designers smartly compartmentalized the space such that simpler activities, such as brewing coffee, can be done in the space connected to the dining area, while more heavy-duty equipment is placed in the kitchen.

The kitchen features a beautiful greyscale backsplash that does not distract from the wooden accents of the overhead cabinets. Since the kitchen is rather narrow, the designers have also reduced the number of décor so as to maximise the functional area.



The bed in the master bedroom is slightly elevated on a wooden base which gives the space a more regal look. The bedroom is beautifully decorated with vibrant flowers and a painting to tie the look of the entire room together.



The guest bedroom has a simpler and more minimalistic look but the cleanliness and simplicity of the room gives it an organized and neat appearance.



While the bathroom may be one of the smaller spaces in the room, the designers at Ovon Design definitely did not neglect this space. The wooden floors and cabinet are in theme with the rest of the home and they’ve even included a shelf for trinkets and diffusers.



The other bathroom features marbled tiles that makes the bathroom look a little more sophisticated but we see that the designers have properly compartmentalized the bathrooms to keep things neat.



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