A Refreshing Contemporary Project

May 29th 2023

This Compassvale home was transformed into a lively and vibrant space by the designers at Spacemakers Interior Design. For this project, the designers went with light-colored wooden accents, white walls, and a playful hint of pink to liven up the space.

Living Room

The living room stands up to its name with its colorful and exuberant aesthetic. The white walls serve as the perfect canvas for the addition of other elements. While it goes nicely with the light wood floors, it also functions as a good backdrop for the indented display shelves.

The designers accommodated space for more décor that brings out the personality and character of the space. Unlike the usual home décor, this gives the homeowners more freedom to change up the vibe of their home by displaying different trinkets and decorations.

Despite having a rather large floor space, the designers did not go too overboard with furnishing the living room in order to emphasize the space.

Dining area

The dining area is a cozy spot situated in a section of the living room. The large wall mirror further enhances the illusion of a bigger space and makes guests and homeowners feel more at ease.

The central flower piece adds to the feeling of calmness and tranquility in the room. 


The bedroom features light wooden textures as well as simplistic décor. The Venetian blinds are both functional and fashionable as they have a timeless look. The added bonus is that you are able to control the amount of light streaming into the room as well.

Since they are not completely opaque, this ensures that there is continuously some form of illumination in the room.

The bed is right next to an L-shaped wooden base, which functions as a bedside table and window bay seating.

 The other guest room was converted into a storage cum home office, or gaming room. With a similar layout as the bedroom, there is ample storage space for clothes or other miscellaneous items.


 Going with the minimalistic theme, the bathroom is also simply decorated, with the same light wood as the floor and cabinets while black accents lend some elegance to the space.

What is worth noting is that one of the bathroom walls has an interesting pattern that provides some visual simulation and adds a bit more personality to the space.

Lastly able to find more design by Spacemaker project here 

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