A Scandinavian home that is rich in colours and textures

April 7th 2021

Do you dare to be colourful? Do you dare to go against pop culture and create a beautiful Scandinavian home with maximum use of colours and textures but still maintain an elegant and homey atmosphere? For many interior designers, it may be a challenge, but not for the designers at Elpis Interior. As one of the top interior designers in Singapore, they have what it takes to take what most deem impossible, and create a liveable home out of it.

Here, we look at how they transformed this HDB at 543 Jelapang to a home with colours, textures, and Scandinavian elements, navy-inspired hues on a minimal backdrop in ten weeks, costing $76,000.

elpis interior - dining area 1

They went for an open-concept design, with the kitchen, dining and living room area merged into one. To balance the burst of colour from the furnishings, the walls and cabinetry is painted in cream and pale grey.

elpis interior - foyer area 1

Upon entry, there are a few things that will catch your attention. From the arch seating area at the entryway on the right to the nautical bar stools on the left, this home is a patchwork quilt of ideas brought together to create a seamless canvas of a home.

elpis interior - dining area 2

Instead of a wall, a makeshift partition is created by joining the bar and dining table at almost half the length of the unit.To balance the chirpy bright colours in the room, the kitchen storage cabinets are clothed in a mystifying cobalt blue.

elpis interior - living area 1

When a room is not spacious, invite natural light in to do the magic. The window has been renovated by replacing the lower wall block below the original windows with glass.

The living room is kept organic, from the beige sofa, wooden coffee table, rattan chairs, house plants and ceiling fan with wooden blades.

elpis interior - dining area 3

Moving on from the monotony of identical furnishings, Elpis interior introduces a rattan bar stool, the Eames moulded plastic armchair and a bench - all at the dining area.

elpis interior - living area 2

When the sun goes down, artificial lights take centre stage. Indirect lighting from the track lights that hit the cream wall sets the mood for the place. The diffused light from the fan does the same - all to encourage relaxation after a long day.

elpis interior - study room 1

A semi-open space just behind the sofa is the study and playroom. This workroom is fast becoming essential in the household where parents may need to work, students, learn and younger children, explore.

elpis interior - study room 2

Instead of having a wall painted with chalkboard paint (which can prove to be messy, as writing with chalk produces dust), a pentagon-shaped white board is fixed to assist the little ones’ journey toward creativity.

elpis interior - kitchen 1

Adjacent to the room seen above is the kitchen that leads to the laundry room. Unlike the rest of the storage cabinets, the ones above the countertop are white.

elpis interior - dining area 4

The epoxy resin made to look like marble is used as the tabletop and bar top.The use of different materials, patterns and colours in small doses give off a homey artistic impression

When using patterned wallpaper, always give it boundaries. Check out the colourful confetti wallpaper at the entryway arch. It works well because it is confined to a space and the background colour matches the colour of the surrounding cabinet doors.

elpis interior - kitchen backsplash

Elpis Interior took the liberty to be creatively adventurous with the backsplash. Each tile is so different from the next, but cohesiveness is reached, thanks to the coordination of colour themes.

elpis interior - bathroom backsplash

Would you expect anything less in the bathroom after all that you’ve seen in the main hall? The bathroom is made to be an inviting enclave that has aquamarine scales for walls and a solid sink with a flowing marble pattern.

elpis interior - bedroom cupboard

In the children’s room, a burst of colour will help with the way their brains function. However, one has to know how to strike a balance so the room is not dizzying.

A simple pink strip at the lower part of the dressing cabinet introduces a playful touch to the otherwise minimalist playroom.

elpis interior - kids room

Sail away to sweet dreams is the setting of this gorgeous room.Though it is thematic, the design is not to difficult to execute. The lamp details for sconces and the blue sea making the “horizon” certainly is a fresh and creative take to a child’s bedroom.

elpis interior - kids room wall

Similar to the previous room, a simple blue strip at the lower part of the dressing cabinet brings cohesiveness to the room.

elpis interior - bathroom backsplash 2

In the children’s shared bathroom, more colours are introduced. Unlike the aquamarine scales in the other bathroom, the scale tiles here are more playful, with fine patterns taking on earthy tones.

So, what do you think of this spiritedly, Scandinavian home?

Simple, yet colourful. Minimal, yet engaging.

If you love how this HDB was designed and wish to emulate it for your home, just holla over at Elpis Interior’s profile on Renodots. They are experienced and highly regarded for their innovative designs. Drop them a line, and they will do up a quote for you - no strings attached!