A Sleek & Cosmopolitan Design

Modern living couldn’t get any simpler than this. Using a simple yet sleek cosmopolitan design, this house shines and stands out as an excellent example of how simple designs can go a long way. While the home may not be overflowing with excess space, the design has made the compaction of the home well and suited for comfortable living. The home itself carries an air of casual comfort, using bright and reflective colours to create a sense of freedom and relaxation.

The living room uses natural and earthy colours, with the main palette consisting of dark browns and whites with highlights and accents of reflective metals and greenery. With the brilliance of this design, the 21st century styling keeps the home updated and current with the current trends. With the whites and the browns, the living room resembles a natural setting which is comfortable on the eyes. The colours are relaxing and soft to the sight, making for a snug environment to return to every day.

she interior veneer tiling back wall

The veneer tiling pattern on the back wall of the living space creates an extremely casual and homely environment. The veneer pattern in this home is not very prominent, and this helps to allow the home to maintain a casual look. Being less prominent is advantageous in this case as the home assimilates into the modern look very easily, not strongly resembling a retro-look, but still carries the warmth and familiarity of one.

Another trick the home has used is to make use of a fabric sofa instead of the typical leather or PU material. The fabric adds another layer of texture and tactile feeling to the room, making it seem even more welcoming and comfortable. As fabric takes a much softer and less imposing appearance, the room looks much friendlier and less intimidating to guests.

she interior tv console

The main television console branches across from the door to the end of the room. This trick allows for a congruent continuation of the room, without any breaks in between and this is visually appealing. Another trick to create this effect that has been employed is using the same material and design of the bottom shelf across the entire length. The dark marble looks elegant, matching the sophisticated look created with the shimmering brass accents across the console. The combination of relaxed laid back home with this sophisticated and higher end design makes for an amalgamation of these two styles in a well fashioned and tasteful manner.

she interior dining area with horizontal beams

The dining area however is clearly meant to appear much more refined. With the tasteful design of horizontal beams for the backsplash, and the pristine white marble table and bench, the space is a much more polished than the rest of the home, and rightfully so. With such a focus on the dining area, it makes for very elegant dinners, perfect for those who love to cook and prepare gorgeous looking meals fit for a Michelin Star. The pendant lighting here is also another well though addition to the space. The rose gold colour is not a typical or usual inclusion in homes, but here, a splash of such stylish colour is welcomed. The tear drop shape of the lamp hood is another exquisite feature which adds to the refined air of the space.

she interior master bedroom

Luckily, the master bedroom is rather spacious, allowing for the inclusion of a work area in addition to the bed. The built-in desk allows for a comfortable workspace, ideal for those who may be sleeping alone, and prefer having to work from the comfort of their bedroom. The bespoke design makes for customization of the needs of the user, in this case a perfectly sized nook for a printer and floor to ceiling cabinetry. With the bed region, the large screen television makes it easy to relax in bed after a long day of work, or you just laze around on slow weekends and binge your favorite shows right from under the covers.

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