A Swanky abode in glitz and glam

Nestled away in the heart of the city, this home truly reflects the sophistication and style befitting of its location.

With swanky interior designing, the home features a glitz and glam in its fullness with the elegant dark theming of the various parts of the home.

Cosmopolitan living room

Starting with the living room, the home’s interior design styling makes use of darker colours and shades to suit the popular cosmopolitan trend. With a fashionable recessed ceiling lighting, by reflecting the lights off the ceiling, the lighting choice allows for a gentler and more amendable choice.

With the light tinge of orange to the overall lighting to the home, the colour scheme suits the palette of the room better. Instead of using jarring bright white lights, the darker orange light blends the dark colours present better, providing a gentler transition from the bright spots to the darker surfaces in the room.

Dark theme living room

The dark theme fits the cultivated style which the living room brings to life with its intricate style and design on the back wall.

Taking influence from Oriental sources, the branching pattern on the fabric wall gives a sense of calm and serenity as the textile texture of the sofa and wall allow for a strong anchoring and grounding within the room.

With an unconventional mix of colours, moss coloured sofa combines with the gorgeous mural to create a setting embedded with motifs of nature and the surrounding environment. The sophistication of integrating these images of natural scenery with opulent styles of living is not easily achieved.

Kitchen with wood grain finish

Even the kitchen maintains this gorgeous mix of high-class style with elements taken from nature. With wood grain like finishes on the surfaces of the cupboards and doors, the backsplashes are adorned with light grey granite tiles.

The similarities in streaks and veins in both the wood and granite finishes achieve a congruency which his well-balanced. But on closer look, the distinction between these areas extend past their surface colours.

By creating a blend of lines which travel in different directions, the wood grains travel vertically while the veins in the granite slabs travel horizontally, a clear yet subtle distinction has been made between these different spaces. This helps the room to avoid becoming too homogenized, allowing for a harmonious blend without any one element being washed out.

Metallic inlay on doors cupboard

With metallic inlays on the doors of the cupboards, the gold tinge from the lighting is brilliantly reflected, creating a dazzling effect as the gold lines run throughout the designs. Reminiscent of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, the art of repairing cracks with gold and other precious metals, the achieved effect adds another layer and level of unique elegance.

Dark polished bathroom

Often successful bathrooms can take one of two extremes, either a very light and bright theme to it, or a dark and sophisticated look. Following the style of the rest of the home, the dark and polished look is continued here to a great success.

The mosaic tiling of the shower adds more colour and layers to the design here as well. While the large granite tiles make for a grand appearance, the bathroom avoids appearing bland with this injection of colour and variety with the mix of shades and shapes.

Eclectic combination master bedroom

With more than 3 types of wallpapers to this room, the master bedroom is an eclectic combination of style and colours. With a foundation of Japanese styled sliding screens, the wooden doors allow for a stylish partition between the rooms.

The wallpaper on the back of the headboard of the bed follows a similar style of Kintsugi, with gold streaks and inlay-like effects running through the rest of the surface. With the metallic-like colouration on this, the flanking recessed lights allow for a brilliant reflection of this luxurious style as each stream of gold shimmers under the light.

Wallpaper in bedroom

The wallpaper on the side of the room takes a similar style to the mural in the living room. With the same design of birds and flowers, the heavily Eastern influenced style allows the continuation of the designs from the front of the house to the back. Additionally, the front of the room sports a full sized window, allowing for a comfortable influx of morning light, and also an ideal bench to lounge on within the bedroom.

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