A Touch Of Bright With ProjectGuru

In recent years, we see a dominating interior trend in homes where owners are less likely to embrace a bright pop of colour. Yellows, oranges, and pinks are not very popular. Most incline toward cool and deep tones like navy, grey, blue, and white. Many also favour natural wood tones like butternut, maple, dark honey, oat, sequoia, and teak.

But ProjectGuru recently did a project at an HDB at Commonwealth Drive, a developing area at Queenstown, Singapore. Instead of picking the natural or contemporary hues, they opted for a pop of colour, just to enhance the feel of the space. We will look at their living room and dining area that is transformed to look like a fun, but still modern setting

Contemporary living room

The pop of colour that was decided is yellow. It is a happy colour that is said to evoke creativity and positivity, improving memory, and communication. It is a wonder why yellow is not used more often in a home’s colour palette.

Of course, we don’t mean painting everything yellow as it is only effective when used sparingly, and at the correct places.

As you can see, the colour yellow is incorporated into the curtains. The first layer is a sheer fabric to allow streams of light to still enter the home without being glaring, the second layer is the grey-ish blue blackout curtains, and the third is a yellow chevron drape.

Next is the dining chairs. You can see that the bright yellow chairs are toned down by lime green ones. They do not clash but exist together in harmony. The same is repeated on the dining lights. You can see that only one is yellow and the other two, grey. Having three sources of light illuminates the space well, and brings out the wallpaper design in the feature wall of the room.

L shaped sofa with yellow pillows

We take another look at the living space from another angle. Somehow, the small room evokes feelings of happiness.

An unrivalled comfort that must be present in the living room is the sofa. From this view, the L-shaped sofa takes centre stage. As mentioned earlier, yellow is not used in every area of the home. In the case of the sofa, only three plush pillows are yellow. The rest of the colour scheme follows the natural theme, with beige and whites dominating the space.

You can see from the flooring and the furniture that the colour theme is very well thought of. The wooden flooring provides a little texture to the room, whilst the sofa and the cupboard match the tone of the flooring to the tee.

We love how innovative they were with the small cupboard. The bottom layer is painted white, creating a little dimension that is worth taking a second look.

There are two types of lights used by ProjectGuru. One is a star-shaped ornamental light that also graces the next room we will be looking at. The other is a four-piece track light. Track lights are useful as it allows flexibility in sizing, placement, and fixture. You can direct the lights to shine on photos, countertops, feature walls, and other items in the room. Even if you switch up the furniture of the room, the lights can be readjusted to the new layout.

Living room with windowsill seat

Apart from the living room, we will look at another room that has been converted to a study/guest room. Because of the limited number of rooms in new developments, most of the time, we need to double-up and repurpose rooms for different occasions without moving furniture. In this room, the yellow has been stripped away. The room carries its contemporary theme.

Equipped with a sofa bed and two monitor screens, it is the perfect room for movie nights. You can see the light carries the same star theme as the living room.

Another thing we love about this room is the windowsill seat where you can sit and chill, while the world passes you by.

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